Home security tips for travellers

Handy home security tips for anyone leaving their house for a holiday.

Home security tips for travellers

One of the biggest stresses when leaving for a holiday is worrying that your home will be safe when you’re gone. These home security tips, courtesy of the Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL), should help to ease your worries.

Don’t share your movements on social media
While it’s one thing to be excited and tell your friends that you’re about to go on a month-long holiday, you should be careful about who can see these posts if you mention them on social media. Sharing with a tight group of Facebook friends is fine, but sharing with the whole world is a no-no. If you do share this type of info, keep images of your home, address and when you leave and return offline. Also, turn off location services (the feature on Facebook that let’s everyone know where you are when you post).

Call on the neighbours
Ask your neighbour to keep an eye on your house, collect any mail. If they can’t collect your mail, have it held at your local post office.

Give your neighbour the details of your home monitoring service if you have one. Also pass on your neighbour’s details to the service or ask them to report any suspicious behaviour to the police.

full mailbox

Make it look like you’re home
Ask your neighbour to park their car in your driveway. If you park your own car here, it will be a beacon to thieves. Pick up a timer switch and set it so that lamps come on at night from dusk until your usual bedtime.

Don’t give thieves opportunities
Remove all ladders from sight, ensure your windows are closed and locked, move bins to the front yard (and ask your neighbour to put them out on bin day), shift all valuables from sight, cover your TV with a blanket (or hide it in your closet) and install motion sensor lights at your front and back door.

Check your alarm system
If you have an alarm system, then your worries should be halved. If you don’t have one, you could install ‘fake’ security or invest in a budget monitoring system. And you could always ask for a profession security installer to come around and assess your security as part of a free quote for their services.

Don’t leave spare keys outside
Those fake rock key holders and secret hiding places under the mat or above the door are common knowledge to experienced burglars, so don’t give them an ‘in’ – leave keys with someone you trust.

Do you have any home security tips for our members?



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    31st Mar 2018
    Need a bloody big closet for my 70'' TV.
    31st Mar 2018
    Make sure your house and contents insurance is paid up!!
    3rd Aug 2019
    Some of these are not relevant to those of us who rent units. We can't install security cameras and window locks without the owner's permission. The security lights which light the complex are already there, so why not use them?

    I'd never leave my key outside! I'd leave it with a trusted friend (add the key to your letter box, too) and let the agent know their contact details (just in case).

    Mail - I don't receive much mail in the first place, as I have all my accounts e-mailed to me. Then if I move, then there's no misplacing the final bill for the previous property. It's a fact that some companies add a fee to your account to have it mailed to you. I also have a 'no junk mail' sticker on my mail box.

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