These hotel fails defy belief

When your room doesn’t match the hotel’s description.

Have you ever checked into a hotel only to discover that it isn’t quite what you were expecting? Sometimes a hotel’s own description of its rooms and amenities is a far cry from reality.

These pictures of the week show some of the best examples of hotel room fails – from curtains without a window, to more taps on the sink than you can poke a stick at. Evidently, hotels can be incredibly creative when they want to be.

When the closet and the bathroom share a single door.

When the hotel aren't completely honest about the room.

When the hotel rules leave nothing to the imagination.

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When the lift keeps things interesting.

When the pool's closed.

When the toilet paper is the main decorative feature.

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When the vent in your bathroom doesn't seem to be working.

When you don't know which tap the water is going to come out of.

When you have to stretch to reach the toilet paper.

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When your non-smoking room comes with a non-smoking ashtray.

When your suggestions are taken seriously.

When you're sharing a room and the bathroom is like this.

We hope that you find these photos as entertaining as we did – but that your future hotel experiences don’t warrant a spot among them! And, finally, as Homer Simpson would’ve said: “D’oh!”.



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    17th Jul 2017
    Not just Hotel fails - once when house hunting at Show Homes, one of the houses had a toilet with the toilet at one end and the toilet paper holder
    about 9 ft away on the wall opposite - our son aged 6 said to us ''do they think we are plastic man''
    17th Jul 2017
    Bathrooms can be tiny and the smallest we came across was in Copenhagen. There was a toilet cubicle - not very big at that - the shower was over the toilet and the minute handbasin squeezed in there too. The toilet paper was on a hook at the top of the door. Had to be otherwise it would have got wet! 3 nights was enough for us.
    17th Jul 2017
    When my son and daughter in law visited a hotel in Norway, the bathroom was as shown in the last picture. They thought that was weird. It caused on of them to leave the room when the other needed to fully use it. (!)

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