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Low interest rates, lack of satisfactory action on deeming, an Age Pension that hasn’t changed significantly in line with spiralling living costs … each of these can contribute to a retirement lifestyle that doesn’t quite meet expectations.

Retirees typically fund their retirement using a combination of savings in superannuation and other investments, as well as the Age Pension. However, because super came in too late for many to build up a reasonable nestegg, many Australians retire without enough super to fund a comfortable retirement and maintain the lifestyle they worked hard to enjoy.

How can Household Capital help?
It’s our goal to help you Live Well At Home and we do that by making another avenue of retirement funding available to you. We enable you to draw on your home equity, or the savings in your home, via a Household Loan. It allows you to access a portion of your home’s value to meet your long term retirement needs.

Our retirement solutions specialist Shelley Wettenhall talks about the reasons Australia’s retirees come to Household Capital and see how we can help you improve your retirement funding and Live Well At Home.

Your house can be both the best place to live and the right way to fund your retirement.

To see how you could be better off in retirement, try our calculator to see how using your household capital could improve your retirement funding and help you to Live Well At Home.



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