How many guns are seized at US airports each day?

You’ll be shocked at how many people try to get guns through US airport security.

How many guns get through airport?

From replica suicide vests to live hand grenades, you’d be amazed at some of the items confiscated from carry-on and checked luggage at US airports.

Perhaps most perplexing was the 3957 firearms found by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents at airport checkpoints in 2017. Around 35 per cent of those guns were loaded.

The record number of guns found translates to around 10 firearms a day.

The number of guns discovered at airports has risen since checking began in 2005, when just 660 were found.

Around 2 million passengers are screened in US airports each day.

Below are the top 10 airports where firearms were found and the number that were loaded was more than 75 per cent.

1. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International: 245/222 loaded

2. Dallas/Fort Worth International: 211/165 loaded.

3. George Bush Intercontinental – Houston: 142/124 loaded.

4. Denver International: 118/102 loaded.

5. Phoenix Sky Harbor International: 115/109 loaded.

6. Tampa International: 97/90 loaded.

7. Orlando International: 94/82 loaded.

8. Dallas Love Field: 93/81 loaded.

9. Nashville International: 89/71 loaded.

10. Seattle-Tacoma International: 75/60 loaded.


Are you surprised that so many travellers tried to get guns through US airport security? Does it make you wonder how many people do get through?



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    3rd Feb 2018
    Well it's not surprising, I wouldn't normally own a gun. But if I lived in the US I'd probably own a few, the place scares the hell out of me.
    Polly Esther
    3rd Feb 2018
    You can hardly expect anything else I think, as the mentality of far too many appears not to have progressed beyond the days of the old wild west.
    I think ( my opinion ) the powers that be should bite the bullet and make carrying guns illegal.
    They are supposed to be a civilized nation, or they should be by now, for goodness sake.
    3rd Feb 2018
    I agree Polly but unfortunately there are so many guns in the US population that it would almost be impossible to remove them.

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