How safe is your luggage?

Your bags are packed and you have valuable jewellery, camera and tablet, nice clothes, expensive shoes and important documents safely packed away behind that fancy lock for your luggage. Only, according to experts, that lock for your luggage is now useless.

Recently, several tech websites published 3D printing plans for the TSA master keys used by airport security to unlock any suspicious looking luggage. Basically, would-be thieves could print these keys and access any luggage lock ever made.

One cheeky bugger even made a video showing people how easy it was to use these keys to unlock what were very secure (and expensive) bag locks.

But even without these keys, thieves say all they need is a ballpoint pen to unlock your luggage.

As explained in WonderHowTo, a thief simply moves your zips to the end of the zipper,  sticks a ballpoint pen into the zip and breaks it apart. Then, when they are done, they pull the zipper head back around and heal the zip. You won’t know your stuff is gone until you open your bag at the other end of your flight.

The only way to protect your gear when you travel is to pack it in your carry-on. Or you can invest in a hard case and high security locks.

It may pay to pop your jewellery and valuable electronics in your carry-on bag, along with all your important travel documentation.

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How do you pack your valuables? Did you know that it was so easy to break into your bag?

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Written by Leon Della Bosca

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