How to declutter your home

Are there papers all over your kitchen table? Is the washing piling up?

The secret to successful decluttering is keeping the process contained and simple. Start with just one room. Don’t think about your house as a whole, forget that every room needs your attention and just focus on one single space. If you can declutter one room every week then you will probably have completely decluttered your house in two months. This may seem like a long time, but think about what you were doing two months ago. Doesn’t seem like so long ago, does it?

The laundry is a good place to start. Laundry rooms can quickly get out of hand, as clothes are continually moving in and out. When the laundry room gets cluttered the flow of clean clothes becomes clogged, and nobody wants to go without knickers. Sort all the dirty clothes into three large garbage bags—for whites, colours and blacks. This will give you some floor space to work with.

Throw out any empty containers of washing liquid or softener. If you have two half-full bottles of the same product then transfer the contents of one into the other with a funnel, and throw out the empty bottle. Line your products up neatly above your washing machine, and start working through the garbage bags. Completely empty one before you start on the next one. This process may take a few days, or even the whole week, but by the end of it your wardrobe options will have expanded considerably.

Be sure to keep the clothes moving as you do your loads of washing. If a load has finished put the next one on. Then, as soon as the machine has started up, hang out the wet washing, or put it in the dryer. Once it is dry don’t dump it on the couch—fold it up and distribute it to the rooms in which it belongs.

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    13th Apr 2012
    Every year my wife and I, as members of the Baha'i community, undertake a spiritual fast: the slight discomfort of mild thirst and hunger between sunrise and sunset across the 19 days reminds us to keep focussed on our attitudes and behaviour and make the necessary adjustments. Over the years we have extended this to include aspects of environmental fasting, using the same reminder to minimise power and water consumption, avoid unnecessary waste and packaging, eat foods produced as locally as possible and each year we play "pantry bingo": we stop shopping and simply use up all the orphan packets and tins in the pantry, crafting new recipes from what we can find. This proves to be a great way to annually de-clutter our pantry, and is a lot of fun for friends and family, so worth sharing here perhaps.
    14th Apr 2012
    It's a bit like banging your head on the feels good when you stop
    Kaye Fallick
    15th Apr 2012
    scicdb3's post is simply inspirational - it sure is the right way to look after the planet for future generations. Well done to you and your wife!
    Actual Cat
    24th Aug 2012
    Great way to live life - aware of what you are doing each day and not treating the world as your oyster or garbage tip.
    13th Apr 2012
    I cannot use bleach, I use white vinegar to clean bathroom tiles,then buff up with a cloth,also to clean floors 1 cup to a bucket of hot water,tiles or lino, even bench tops as it is a disinfectant and cleaning agent,cheap and works.
    Actual Cat
    24th Aug 2012
    Thanks Bluemoon - I bought the white vinegar a while ago then forgot to use it.
    24th Aug 2012
    Whenever we go on holidays we packed a few old out of style clothing and throw them out after wearing them to places where we stop. This is good when we're overseas esp undies just simply wrap them up and put in the garbage bin. My husband usually take shirts given to him or he doesn't like, wear them once and throw them out
    Nan Chook
    24th Aug 2012
    I have a very simple and easy remedy which does away with the tedious chore of decluttering...don't let your home become cluttered. Have a place for everything and keep it in its place. Tidy up as you go!
    24th Aug 2012
    I've suddenly realised - my clutter grows faster when my mind is also cluttered, and my life is too busy. So changes are going to be happening so I can get back to an uncluttered house. Unfortunately, a sense of attachment to some items really makes it difficult to decide to move on from them.
    21st Dec 2012
    I was just thinking this morning, I must start de-cluttering! So, I've copied and pasted this info onto a word document and will follow the order you have listed, in this article! I like a list...keeps me motivated to complete something. Thanks!
    2nd Jan 2013
    That's my biggest problem, SusanMary, sentimental attachment takes up a lot of space.
    techno nanny
    2nd Jan 2013
    If I have not used something for 12 months I toss it - clothing, kitchen utensils etc. Also, when I use or wear something, it gets washed immediately after and then put back where it came from. That way you never need to tidy up or de-clutter and always know where everything is.
    Nan Norma
    2nd Jan 2013
    Could someone tell me how I stop my husband from hording. That's where all the clutter comes from but he won't part with anything. Not even last years calender which he never used.
    2nd Jan 2013
    Your Joking !! I cant throw out all that Clutter Junk and Stuff !!..I never Know When I Might Have To Eat it !!??..Got Any Sauce ??
    3rd Jan 2013
    Have a garage sale, it's fun, and the money you make you can buy new stuff... works for me, you meet the nicest people at garage sales, especially if you are not attached to the items you are selling , you just want them gone, of make a gift to charity...but not if it's broken or ...well you cost them money to get rid of it, I declutter once a year, via a sale,,,what is left over goes to charity, not back in the house...
    3rd Jan 2013
    as a single-person-by-choice i usually put everything back after's automatic & easy
    then i just de-clutter when really well & i am sooo grateful to live alone
    ....i look in horror when i see people with children...talofa
    3rd Jan 2013
    Every couple of years I declutter, then find I need a discarded item desperately (not) even been known to buy back books from the op shop I took them to -sigh- decluttering also leaves lots of room for a whole new lot of stuff to come in.........being an avid ebay shopper is a NO NO if you want to stay decluttered!!!!!! my main excuse is that a lot of my stuff was my mums or grandmothers, my daughter has WAY too much clutter to have them yet!!!
    3rd Jan 2013
    I have a lot of mums things and just can't bear to think of getting ring of them, even her footy cards, these cannot be considered clutter but family history/memorabilia, and the kids will get them eventually like it or
    7th Jan 2013
    I find that things I've hung on to for years are difficult to dispose of. I'm doing it s-l-o-w-l-y, piece by piece. However, there's very little new stuff amongst it, when new things come in now I can decide to toss (or keep) them straight away.
    8th Jan 2013
    I have caravan magazines and I record useful articles so I can find them again but these magazines are accumulating! I don't know what I am going to do with them.

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