Sneaky travel tips: How to get your bags before everyone else

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to have your bags come out first?

Sneaky travel tips: How to get your bags before everyone else

You’ve landed and can’t wait to get home, but you need to collect your luggage from the baggage claim carousel.

Only that takes forever. It always seems that your bags come out last. What is it they say? A watched baggage carousel never boils. Or am I mixing metaphors?

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to have your bags come out first, or at least in the first few? Well, here’s a sneaky tip that may ensure your luggage leads the pack.

When you arrive at your departure point, pick up a ‘fragile’ sticker from the baggage enquiries desk, then simply stick it on your suitcase or bag.

Apparently, bags that are marked fragile are placed on top of the pile in the aircraft and, therefore, come off first and are immediately ferried to the carousel.

And it doesn’t hurt that the staff handling your bags will (in theory) take extra care of your possessions in transit.

If that doesn’t work, another tip for getting your bags first is to check in last.

Do you have any tips for beating baggage blues?



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    17th Feb 2018
    Oh gosh. Another sneaky little "tip" this time encouraging what is in effect a lie about the contents of your baggage. It doesn't matter though does it that other honest passengers have to wait longer for their bags, bugger them!
    17th Feb 2018
    You found the words, Maggie. Just dishonest.
    17th Feb 2018
    Lol! Good one!
    17th Feb 2018
    I had some bottles in my suitcase on my last trip for the flight back to Australia. When departing Europe I mentioned this and they put a fragile tag on my bag. I have never waited so long for my luggage to come out at Brisbane airport. So my experience with this is a failure in terms of speed. The good thing though was that my carefully wrapped bottles arrived intact.
    17th Feb 2018
    What is the hassle in waiting like everyone else for your bags. I agree, that telling a lie is like sticking your finger up to other passengers who are honest and patient. I have never encountered anyone losing it because their bags came out after a standard wait time, i.e. 6 minutes.
    17th Feb 2018
    Waiting for anything when you're in a hurry always seems longer no matter which queue you're in.
    17th Feb 2018
    Fragile to some airlines is like a red trash to a bull!
    Please STOP encouraging people to lie and cheat on this newsletter, it really shows the calibre of your writers.
    It could also get you into a lot of trouble advising people to lie, especially where border control is concerned.
    Some of us spend a lot of money on air travel to obtain gold and platinum status, then idiots like you come along and encourage people to do this crap. Totally irresponsible!
    I guess you won't object to this piece being re posted on the major airlines websites eh?
    17th Feb 2018
    Encouraging your readers to lie to get out of the airport a few minutes ahead of other (honest) passengers doesn't sit well with all your other articles urging us to be considerate travellers. Good to see so many are as disgusted as I am with this article.

    18th Feb 2018
    Easy no booked luggage so no waiting or lost luggage.

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