How to have a happy honeyboom

First there was the honeymoon for newlyweds. Then there was the ‘babymoon’ for expectant parents. And now the latest travel trend is the ‘honeyboom’. Effectively a second honeymoon, older couples are increasingly packing their bags and booking trips away after their kids have become adults and vacated the family home.

A recent Carnival Cruise Line (CCL) poll found that a third of respondents (35 per cent) think that a trip without their offspring could help them ‘remember why they fell in love’. CCL data also shows that the market for honeyboomers has increased by 80 per cent in just four years – making it a highly lucrative business.

So if you’re thinking of taking a honeyboom, how can you make sure it goes as smoothly, and sweetly, as possible? The priority is to reconnect with your partner and enjoy your time together. It’s also a great opportunity to break up your everyday routine as a duo.

  • plan your trip together
  • agree on what you kind of trip you both want – this might mean compromising on certain aspects
  • discover new and different things together – share your experiences with each other
  • make fun the most important part of your trip.

Have you and your spouse/partner talked about taking a second honeymoon? Where would you go for your honeyboom?

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Written by Lucy


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Forget the honeymoon and babymoon; the latest travel trend is the ‘honeyboom'. Increasingly, mature