The cleverest way to hide travel cash

This is the cleverest way to hide travel cash that we’ve ever seen!

hiding travel money

This cheeky method of hiding travel cash will cost you next to nothing but potentially save you heaps. It’s so simple and ingenious – one of the best travel tricks we’ve ever seen!

All you do is buy a tube of lip balm, and empty said tube (unless of course, you already have an empty one). Then, roll up your money and pop it inside and you have a camouflaged cache of cash in your pocket. This video shows you how to do it with paper money. So, it's great for travelling in countries that don't use plastic currency, but I've tested this method with our money, too, and it works (although you can't stash as much).

I mean, you’d have to be unlucky to have a mugger take your lip balm from you.

How do you hide your travel money? Or do you not bother?



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    18th Nov 2017
    Just don't carry a lot so its not worth worrying about and keep it inaccessible. The online world knows about your tiny lip balm now . Cute idea though
    18th Nov 2017
    This video shows a better way of doing the same thing - plus 9 other tips for hiding money -
    Old Dog
    16th Jan 2018
    Don't carry much, keep it "split up" and have a reserve stashed in the waistband of your trousers. Yes, you need to make a small slit on the inside to thread cash in there and it is a damn nuisance getting it out (laundry) but a mugger is unlikely to steal your trousers. Credit cards are the answer these days. Most places will take them unless you are hiking in Nepal or suchlike.
    5th Feb 2018
    Credit cards are good but you might have to carry two of them. Mine was cancelled when a merchant in Barbados tried to charge it again and my bank was informed that I left Barbados 2 days earlier. When I arrived in Cape Town weeks later my card did not work and it was too late for me to get a replacement out of Melbourne. I always carry some high value European notes on me for that occasion and I was glad I did.

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