How to read your palm heart line

Have you ever wondered what fortune lies in the palm of your hand?

How to read your palm heart line

Palm reading has been used for centuries as a way to reveal people’s potential, personality and future. Whether believers or cynics, the practice has earned the attention of many curious folk over the years. The practice requires the reader to analyse the lines and formations of a person’s palm.

The heart line, the topmost line on your palm than runs horizontally from below your pinkie finger to below your middle finger, is the starting point and focus of many divination readings. It deals with matters of the heart including emotions, growth, spirituality, life, friendship, self and romantic love. Learning to read the heart line is an important step in learning to read palms and may even teach you a little more about yourself.

Where to start
Cassandra Eason, author of A Little Bit of Palmistry, told Mind Body Green (MBG) that your dominant hand is shaped by the experiences you have and the people you meet, representing your “acquired life”. Ms Eason explains that your nondominant hand expresses your true and potential self.

When it comes to reading your heart line, it is read on your dominant hand. If you are right-handed, read the line from left to right across your palm, that is, from the pinkie edge of the line to its end below your middle or index finger. If you are left-handed, read it from right to left on your left palm.

Always remember
If you read your own palm, or visit an expert to have your fortune told, don’t be afraid if you don’t like what you find. Palmistry is a guide that offers as many warnings as it does predictions. Ms Eason told MBG, “Nothing is fixed, but with the life map of your palms, you can plan the route and avoid obstacles on your path.”

What to look for
Is your heart line coarse or grainy? This can indicate sensuality and passion.

Is the heart line long, straight and ends below the index finger? This can indicate a person who is empathetic and highly emotionally intuitive.

Does the line fork into three at the end? This trident shape indicates a person who is lucky in life and love.

Does the line break or have many branches coming off it? This can indicate that a person will likely have many intense but fleeting friendships and romantic relationships.

Does the line curve upwards towards the fingers? If not, it may be an indication of a sensitive person who seeks affection and external validation. 

Is the heart line crisscrossed with other little lines? This can signify emotional trauma.

Does the heart line split in two? This suggests that a person is likely to put others before themselves.

Does the line sit higher on the palm? This may indicate that a person may have suppressed or silenced emotions.

Is the heart line deep? The deeper a heartline is, the deeper a person’s love and affection. A long, deep line also indicates self-awareness and being in tune with one’s emotions.  

Does the line end in a pronounced curve? This may indicate a person who is able to express and communicate their emotional needs.

Is the heart line faint? This can signify a person who has a delicate energy and is easily overpowered or bullied by others.

Is the heart line heavily chained? This may indicate more than one love interest and conflicting emotions.

Have you ever had your palm read? Do you believe someone’s personality, potential and future are written on the palm of their hand? Do you believe in palm reading and other forms of divination, or are you sceptical about the practice?

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    13th Sep 2020
    Please, please, please! This newsletter purports to be a reliable source of information on many matters important to seniors. Why include this hocus-pocus?
    13th Sep 2020
    Nothing wrong with a light-hearted giggle or two in a serious newsletter, Amelia.
    On the Ball
    13th Sep 2020
    Mindless pap.

    Anyway, us, the target audience are of an age where any predictions have either come true, or not.
    Besides, with all the wrinkles that accumulate, again, given our age, there's not much heart, head and life lines to read!
    At least I can still read the stars!
    13th Sep 2020
    13th Sep 2020
    Gee, between Tarot cards, tea leaves, astrology, palmistry and head bump reading we should all have our lives totally mapped out so absolutely nothing would surprise us.....pity I didn't take any notice of all that available 'science' I could have saved myself a bad marriage, a car accident, stupid career moves and share market disasters.......silly me.
    13th Sep 2020
    Either I don't have a head line or I don't have a heart line ... only one deep crease all the way across. My brain works pretty well so I guess I'm just heartless ...
    13th Sep 2020
    I had stitches in my hand when I was a boy so I've got more of a train line
    13th Sep 2020
    ozirules ... so that explains why you went off the rails so often ... sadly I don't have any excuse
    13th Sep 2020
    you've sprung me KJ ha ha
    13th Sep 2020
    Oh dear , why does it seem so many grumpy people with not much humour, can’t you just have a laugh ?
    13th Sep 2020
    I suspect this article is meant as a bit of fun.
    But of course palmistry is in the same rip-off class as homeopathy if you pay for it.
    13th Sep 2020
    How can you compare palmistry to homeopathy? Palmistry is about telling the future (which it doesn't) and homeopathy is about assisting the body to heal.There are numerous studies about homeopathy and how it works, particularly with children and animals. I had a dog years ago and it got bitten by a tick, lost its use of it's back legs, a neighbour at the time gave me a homeopathic remedy and next day she was running around. Again you need someone who is qualified to prescribe for serious issues but there are many great first aid remedies.
    13th Sep 2020
    Homeopathy is pure water. As such it is a safe placebo. There has been much research on this.
    13th Sep 2020
    Sorry Jennie, it has been used for over 200 years in India and is one of their main health protocols, and even the Queen has used it for years with great success. The research you read is because it cannot be proven scientifically in the current form of research and how they test things, but if you read up on it you would understand how it works and unless you have first hand experience with it please do not debunk things that work for millions of people around the world. If it was a placebo how can you explain why animals benefit the most from it?
    13th Sep 2020
    I have had experience with it and it doesn't work. You would have removed the tick of course. If the tick doesn't carry an infection, the paralysis will resolve itself without treatment in 24 hours.
    13th Sep 2020
    I had removed it days before and the dog was getting worse, even the vet said she would not last. I have also used it numerous times during my life and for my son when he was young. You cannot just pop any remedy and think it will work, you need a professional who has studied it, it takes years to gain your own knowledge of the basic first aid remedies. Enough said. Will not comment anymore because you are fixed in mind and I am not going to debate with someone who does not understand it. By the way, there is ongoing research in India, but big pharma is not interested because there is not enough money to be made.
    13th Sep 2020
    I always say if I could go back I would do some things differently.
    Wish I had known to read palm back then, could have saved myself I lot of grief
    13th Sep 2020
    YLC's must be running out of covid articles, never believed in palmistry myself but there are lots of people making money out of guessing your life, it can always take another path at anytime by your own choices that you make not what shows in your hands.
    13th Sep 2020
    It reminds me of my clever cousin in our youth. He studied palmistry and was very successful in cracking onto girls. Everyone loves to hear about themselves and you get to hold and stroke the girl's hand as well (which was a big deal in my youth).
    13th Sep 2020
    I had my palm read during a boozy weekend in 1962 (I think) in Kings Cross. I was told I would live to be 70. While to a 18 year old this was good news this prediction may have given me some comfort while I was in Vietnam. I can now admit I was still scared s**tless most of the time I was there. She was right though, I did live to be 70. Am I now on borrowed time?
    13th Sep 2020
    That's interesting Eddy! My father was told by a psychic when he was a young man that he would live to be 75. He expected to die in WWII but he was a Dunkirk veteran/servivor. Then he lived to be 92... So borrowed time? Probably not, and a long life for you too.

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