How to sleep well during a flight

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Sleeping on a plane isn’t an easy task for some, but on a long-haul flight getting a little rest provides a nice respite from the noisy, enclosed space. Thankfully, there are plenty of items you can pack to help you snooze and get the rest you need, so that you arrive at your destination well rested and ready to explore.


Perhaps the most invaluable accessory for plane sleeping, earplugs offer escape from your mile-high environment by blocking out more than just noisy passengers. For light sleepers, earplugs will block out the plane’s engine drone, giving you a better chance of relaxing and falling asleep.

Eye mask

A quiet, dark environment is said to provide the optimal sleeping set-up, but on a plane, that’s not always guaranteed. When passengers around you are watching flickering screens or using the overhead reading light, you can wear an eye mask. The NapGel Eyemask is a great option because it includes a gel that can be either frozen (or heated)to soothe exhausted and/or dry eyes.

Travel pillow

Getting comfortable on a plane can be the biggest thing keeping you from getting to sleep. You could use a traditional U-shaped travel pillow or a jumper – or you could use NapScarf.

Changing the landscape of travel pillows entirely, NapScarf is a combination between a scarf and a travel pillow. It works by holding your neck in an optimal position for upright sleeping, allowing you to wear it on either side of your neck or under your chin. You can also adjust the level of support, depending on how tight or loose it’s wrapped.

Sleep aids

When all else fails, going for medicines is another option (provided you have your doctor’s permission). While heavy-hitting sleeping drugs can work wonders, they often leave you feeling drowsy and disoriented. Natural supplements, such as Valerian Root, are proven to be effective to calm your brain and help you drift off to sleep, mostly with zero side effects when you wake up.

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Written by ameliath


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    Be aware that valerian root tablets can possibly cause vivid dreams, an unwanted side effect on a crowded plane journey!

  2. 0

    The best ‘accessory’ is a business or first class seat!!!

    • 0

      Yes KSS. so true,
      I have found it to be the only way I have ever managed to get decent sleep on a plane to USA or UK. When I was working and a frequent flyer they upgraded us to British Airways First class and that was the best sleep ever.
      Beware those older business class seats that have a an angled bed because you just slide down.

  3. 0

    I agree with KSS, sleeping comfy on planes? there is only one way from business class upwards, the rest is just hacking and tossing around, but then unless you can score an upgrade or have enough FF points, you might just have to endure it.



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