How to make a comment with Disqus

To make a comment you need to login. There are four options available. Either click on ‘Login’ at the top right-hand-side of the Disqus menu, or alternatively, the corresponding logo at the bottom left-hand-side. From left to right, these are Disqus, Facebook, Twitter and Google. 

Create a Disqus account

You can sign-up for a Disqus account by clicking on the ‘Name’ area at the bottom of the Disqus module. This will expand the area out further where you will enter your email address and a password. 

Rank comments

Users are able to rank comments with an up or down vote. By clicking the ^ button below a comment. This will allow users who have comments sorted by ‘Best’ to see the most upvoted comment at the top. Comments with three or more downvotes will alert moderators to review the comment. 

Sort comments

You can sort comments in the Disqus module by ‘Newest’, ‘Oldest’ and ‘Best’ by clicking on the drop down menu on the right-hand-side pictured below. 

How to make a comment on the Forums

Start by signing into your account or creating a new account by clicking ‘Register’ or ‘Sign In’ in the top right-hand-side of any forum page. If you created your account within the past 4 months, you will need to request a new password. If your account is 4 months or older, your password will be the same (unless if you changed it recently). 

Replying on an article

There are two reply options on all forum discussions. 

The first option as pictured below is to scroll down until you see the comment box. Simply write your reply to the topic and click ‘Post reply’

The second option is to reply to an individual post within the discussion. Simply click the ‘Reply’ button as pictured below and type your reply in the comment box that appears. Finally click on ‘Post Reply’. 

Receive notifications for comments made on a topic

When making a comment on a topic, you can check the ‘Email me when comments are made to this topic’ box.