Flight attendants tell all: the right way to use the overhead storage locker

Flight attendants reveal the right way to use the overhead storage locker.

Flight attendants tell all: the right way to use the overhead storage locker

From the outside, flight attendants are seemingly stoic creatures; calm, composed and always willing to please a passenger. But there are a few things that annoy them – and incorrectly storing your bag in the overhead storage locker is one of them.

Long-time flight attendant Heather Poole spoke with Travel+Leisure to explain, once and for all, how passengers should use overhead storage.

The short answer is that bags should be placed in wheels first, with jackets and coats on top, and any smaller bags placed under the seat. Putting your bag in wheels first makes it quicker and easier to pull it out when you’re alighting the plane.

Also, don’t take up the entire storage area, make sure your bag isn’t too heavy (ie: not overweight) and if there’s no room in the bin above your seat, don’t move (or remove) another passenger’s bag, just use one a few rows forward or back. There are a few other guidelines, but we’ll let you watch the video to learn them.

Read more about how to use the overhead bin at T+L

Do you follow the rules for using overhead bins? Have you had any bad experiences or altercations because of bad bin usage?



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    21st Oct 2017
    Yeah pretty basic leon.
    The real issue is with people who bring on small suitcases, more than one bag and long bags which only fit into lockers back to front, leaving space which is only good for a coat or another similar bag.
    There are bigger issues than HOW you put your bag in and airlines need to start enforcing rules including allowing passengers to stow their bags above other passengers' seats only after passengers in those seats have theirs in. Currently it is first in best dressed and if you do not board in the first half then you risk having to find a place somewhere else on the plane to stow your carry on.
    I see no willingness from the airlines to fix the issues. Back to your story....yes there are proper ways to stow luggage but some folk do not have the common sense to find these. You might consider sending this article to the Asian region. That is a real eye opener.
    21st Oct 2017
    on more than one occasion I've had a seat near the rear of the plane and even when boarding first cant use the overhead locker as the cabin crew have it full of blankets etc plus their own luggage. I think each ticket should entitle the passenger to the corresponding locker above the seat so lockers should be numbered and reserved accordingly. This would also stop the people who bring far too much luggage aboard. If it doesn't fit overhead instead of taking someone else's locker the cabin crew should remove the excess for a fee and return in upon landing.
    21st Oct 2017
    Called stowed luggage.
    I totally agree ozirules but don't expect the airlines to upset those who do the wrong thing.
    21st Oct 2017
    Flying to and from Vietnam with their carrier is an eye opener. You name it, its packed into the overhead storage from boxes, over size stripy bags etc and be warned that these passengers will rip out your small hand luggage and put it somewhere else and the cabin staff just stand there and smile. Had experience coming back from Singapore with Qantas and a Feral/Bogan Aust family took up 2 complete overhead lockers and were so rude to others that the cabin staff just walked away, good one. Ah the joys of travel.
    21st Oct 2017
    easy to fix, If I can't stow my bag in the storage above my seat where my bag is allowed as per and in the conditions of my fare, I remove the offending bagage, put it in the middle of the gangway. I can assure You the crew will back you up every time

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