Retirement & Age Pension eGuide

When times are uncertain, often the only control we have is to remain as up-to-date and informed as possible. With the exception of health, changes to our retirement income are high on the list of must-knows for retirees.

This 2020 edition of Your Retirement and the Age Pension shares all the latest Age Pension changes, including asset and income limits. It will help those transitioning to retirement to understand their likelihood of receiving a full or part-Age Pension.

But, just as importantly, it will enable those who already receive a pension to check their entitlements, as it is possible many may now qualify for a higher fortnightly amount. Or some may qualify for the Age Pension, having previously been ineligible.

Whatever your current situation or retirement tribe, read this latest eGuide update in order to have the clearest understanding of your income and entitlements.

Download Your Retirement and the Age Pension eGuide