Podcast with leading Melbourne podiatrist

John Deeks speaks with his podiatrist, Matthew Fieldsend through his podiatry appointment -

Podcast: Buy Australian and see Australia

How to buy genuine Australian products and support Aussie travel destinations.

Podcast: Older Australians Wellbeing Index, the first of its kind

YourLifeChoices podcast reveals startling revelations in our Older Australians Wellbeing Index.

Important life choices are planned, not left to chance

Our podcast tackles Advance Care Planning and why we all should have a plan in place.

Tired of paying too much for health insurance?

Compare Club CEO, Andrew Davis tells host John Deeks how to bypass the April 1 health fund increases.

Podcast: The critical aged care changes that simply can't wait

RMIT's Professor Sara Charlesworth gives her view on the aged care royal commission's final report.

Other ‘-isms’ are banned, why do we tolerate ageism?

Host John Deeks and publisher Leon Della Bosca speak with Fiona Jewell about ageism and prejudices

Podcast: Hearing technology breakthrough

This breakthrough hearing aid offers an unprecedented sound experience.

Fitness tips from the experts

Post-Christmas and it may be time to do something about the waistline? The team at YourLifeChoices may

How to live longer by living better

On the podcast, host John Deeks quizzes Peter Byrne on his transformation from a 'wine-loving, steak-eating,

Retirement Made Simple

We shouldn't be surprised by the acuity and energy of personal finance expert Noel Whittaker, but

Can you imagine a world without ageism?

Ashton Applewhite joins John and Leon to talk about a world without ageism.

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