Podcast: Avoiding the ramifications of bone breakages

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Every 3.2 minutes, someone, somewhere in Australia breaks a bone. The older you are, the worse the ramification can be. But this doesn’t have to be the case. In today’s podcast, Dr Greg Lyubomirsky CEO of Osteoporosis Australia, explains the risk factors associated with bone breakages and how a new website can help you avoid this potentially fatal occurrence.


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    I have a problem with the survey, it is far too picky.
    It would not accept imerial measurements, – most of us oldies stopped growing before the decimal system cut in, so may only know the imperial, (feet and inches) height we were then.
    it would not accept kG, – the letter g stands for Gram, which being a World Standard, must be a capital G, so us engineering types automatically do that.
    Then, the next step greys out if there is an error, normally a survey suggests the possible errors or missing bits.

    There are two major causes for this sort of rigidity in a survey, the most common is a lazy survey designer, – just couldn’t be bothered allowing choices, and the second is what I call a Form nazi, – with his thumb glued permantly to his nether end, you must answer each question exactly the way he requires.

    Either are as bad as each other in that the end result is frustration for those hapless souls trying to fill in the form, – who usually give up when confronted with such idiocy, the survey is inclined towards innaccuracy, – ie not enough choices to elicit the information necessarily required, and the owner of the survey ends up with misleading results with which he misinforms the Public, – Us.



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