Mind Your Own Retirement Episode 43

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This week, Janelle lifts the veil on her lockdown life, and talks John through the subjects in today’s offering.

The first guest is practising psychologist and author of Retirement Your Way, Judy Rafferty, who has joined the YourLifeChoices team to discuss how retirement has been redefined in recent years, and how boomers are doing it unlike any other generation before them.

Retirement Your Way is available through all good book stores, or from The Book Tree. Learn more about Judy at Magnolia House Psychology

Next in is Dr Kieran Kennedy offers tips on how to handle self-isolation, especially for anyone who lives alone or who may struggle to stay positive in these trying times. He presents the facts about the virus, how the measures put in place have helped slow the spread and the implications of the virus and resulting measures on mental health and the community.

Learn more about Dr Kieran Kennedy or follow him on Instagram.

And our favourite money man Noel Whittaker comes in to talk about bank dividends and superannuation and how the COVID is affecting your nest egg, including the outlook for banks and other financial institutions. He offers sage retirement advice for anyone (rightfully) concerned with their finances right now.

Find out more about Noel and his best-selling books at www.noelwhittaker.com.au or follow him on Facebook.

Transcript: Judy Rafferty
Transcript: Dr Kieren Kennedy
Transcript: Noel Whittaker

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