Mind Your Own Retirement Episode 45

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First up is the chairman of Retirement Essentials, Jeremy Duffield – the go-to man for retirement income information. He joins John and Kaye  to discuss what retirement will look like in a post COVID-19 world.

Learn more about Retirement Essentials or follow Retirement Essentials on Facebook.

Next in is Heart Foundation dietician Sian Armstrong, who discusses how heart-healthy eating doesn’t have to break the budget, and shares the essential heart healthy items to put on your next supermarket shopping list and some superb recipes that prioritise the health of your ticker.

Learn more about the Heart Foundation or call the helpline on 13 11 12.

Last, but by no means least, we’ve got Helen Young from Renaissance Tours, who’s here to talk about gardens – and not just any gardens either. Helen runs tours to some of the most stunning gardens in Australia and the world and today she leads you up the garden path and reveals her vote for most beautiful garden in the world.

Learn more about Helen Young and Renaissance Tours.

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Total Comments: 10
  1. 0

    A shame the weekend posts are in a podcast. I never listen, lose attention after a minute or so. It’s not just you, I never listen to any podcasts!

    • 0

      I agree fully, rtrish,

      There are many of us out there (here?) whose brains work visually, but only partially audibly. At uni, I never could remember what the lecturer said, but remembered the notes and the slides (if any!). My partner remembers what I said a week ago, but I can remember a track through the bush I went on once 20 years ago.

      Same holds today. If they had any consideration, the podcasts would be transcribed, wouldn’t they!

      Same as Facebook. They all say how great it is, that 60% of Australians are using it. To me that means that 40% are missing out. Stupid thoughtless government agencies (local through to federal) think it is easy because it is cheap.

      That’s what you get when you vote the way we do – stuff the minorities, they don’t matter.

    • 0

      If Ted talks ca be transcribed, wht not LC podcasts.. I agree nwith janus. My partner can recall something I said a year, (or more sometimes) ago. but I can rmemeber some of my lecturereas stuff, fortunately.! 🙂

    • 0

      The individual podcast items are repeated during the week from Tuesday to Thursday with transcripts. Cheers Janelle (editor)

  2. 0

    Being time poor,whilst i really like the podcasts,i must say all the padding chit chat etc causes me logout prematurely.Has consideration been given to given to a written post of the opcast

  3. 0

    The individual podcast items are repeated during the week from Tuesday to Thursday with transcripts.

  4. 0

    The demographic audience for this site are the older people who prefer to read rather than watch. I am one so the site is losing relevance for me. Why not give choice?

    • 0

      We should have mentioned that the transcripts are available from Tuesday-Thursday. The regular eNewsletter still goes out on Sunday in addition to the podcast email. Cheers Janelle (editor)

  5. 0

    I too prefer the written word. Podcasts and videos are not my thing, so do not do them. Please give us the option of the written word. Thank you



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