Kaye's top tips for easing into retirement

YourLifeChoices Publisher Kaye Fallick chats with members of the Today show to discuss how you can easily transition into retirement.

Ease into retirement

YourLifeChoices Publisher Kaye Fallick chats with members of the Today show to discuss how you can easily transition into retirement.

Watch the 2 minutes 45 second segment at msn.com.


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    16th Mar 2017
    Very sound advice Kaye.
    16th Mar 2017
    Not a lot in that... If I didn't retire on medical grounds I would be trying to work till 70. I had a good job and could have stayed on a long time. When I did the calculations on how much I needed renting for the rest of my life plus some pension, I got 1.5 million.

    Unfortunately I ended up retiring early on minimum super. The most important thing I bought first up was a laptop computer with printer, also a sony camcorder camera. I can email old friends take selfies and send them. I can type letters to politicians and government departments and get involved in all kinds of controversy. Also watch u-tube all day. I posted a couple of selfies on the u-tube science technology channel so I get hours of viewing, looking at what other people have posted. Much more interesting than TV.

    I bought a new car, a versatile panel van and as this was going to be the last new car I could afford, I bought a 100cc scooter and fitted it with a 60L tactix carry box from Bunnings. The scooter saves heaps of running cost despite the extra registration and therefore extends the life of my last car.

    I got a prepaid funeral and I made sure I told friends and relatives so they didn't think they were going to get lumbered with the cost.

    I bought a little sailing boat with an outboard motor and a couple of kayaks. I live alone and have to plan every day with written notes, just like I was still at work, or depression could take over my life.
    16th Mar 2017
    My job ceased just before I turned 60 and it was the catalyst to retire. Fortunately, we had planned financially. However, my job was full on and I had no hobbies. I sat down and thought about what might interest me and looked to fulfill these needs in my local area. Now 4 years on I have plenty to keep me busy. I also used to make an effort to be well groomed at work, and have kept this up when I leave the house. Casual does not mean sloppy and it does make a difference to my well being.
    16th Mar 2017
    Yeah keeping up standards is important. Retiring from work is a big loss of status. Suddenly you are a nobody. For all people know you may not have worked a day in your life. Keeping up old routines helps to stay active and a feeling of self worth.
    Old Geezer
    16th Mar 2017
    Retirement is way too busy for me so much so I don't know how I ever had time to go to work.
    5th Nov 2018
    All I got was 'sorry the video is not available' however, husband retired at 73 and me at 50. My late mother planned her funeral at aged 60 and paid for it, she died a few days before her 91st Birthday, so she got a bargain.
    I know of one chap that went into a Retirement Village aged 60 and he is still driving aged in his 90s.
    What I have learned is to keep fit. Keep those muscles strong, it makes all the difference having strong legs and sensible shoes! Get instructions on Core Muscle exercises too. Falls at our ages can cause disaster to our freedom. Injuries and healing at our ages takes longer, plus if you already have a health issue it is longer to heal. My late mother kept her mind young, having seen how she lived it has helped me in my old age. Appreciate what we have as there are a lot worse than us in todays society especially overseas.

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