Travel Vision: Is Iran really that bad?

Dutch documentarian goes to Iran to see if the western media has it all wrong.

Travel Vision: Is Iran really that bad?

If you don’t already have a negative opinion about Iran, possibly largely driven by the country’s somewhat colourful history and by the western media, then Donald Trump’s diatribes may have been the final nail or, more fittingly in this case, ‘the straw that broke the camel’s back’.

The sad truth is, many say, Iran is misrepresented, and the country’s reputation for being associated with violence, terrorism and societal repression is at the very least exaggerated, if not just completely undeserved.

Many believe there’s possibly as much violence and repression on our own shores – and that it’s just reported differently.

Iran’s poor public image prevents many from visiting Iran. Which is a shame, because it’s the seat of one of the oldest civilisations, with pre-historic and historic importance unrivalled across the planet. The buildings and architecture are astounding, the food amazing and most people just like you and me – friendly and eager to please. The stories that were born in Iran, née Persia, are for the ages. Put simply, it’s a fascinating place.

In this web series, Dutch filmmaker and photographer Reinier van Oorsouw travels to Iran with the simple question: Is Iran really that bad? What he finds is a modern and nuanced society far different from what’s typically portrayed in the media.

Episode one: Is it really that bad!?

Episode two: Iranian girls don’t all wear hijab

Episode three: Iran is the most hospitable country I’ve ever seen

Episode four: The desert in Iran is the best place to chill

Episode five: This is the Iran never shown by the media

Have you been to Iran? Would you go? What’s stopping you?

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    27th Jul 2019
    I have been to Iran on holidays two years ago and it was fine. Other than the fact you must wear a scarf covering your head when outside, the country side, the architecture and tiling, the history in the place is amazing. The people are really lovely and helpful and I love finding out about other cultures in their own country. Couldn't fault flying with Qatar airlines, the best I have been on. Admittedly when a visitor you aren't having anything to do with the government other than social rules so cannot comment on that aspect.
    27th Jul 2019
    My Faith is severely persecuted in Iran. People cannot hold jobs, are denied tertiary education, the cemeteries/gravesites are desecrated and many are imprisoned for no legitimate/legal excuse. We are Baha'is and they are afraid of us.
    28th Jul 2019
    Visited Iran in 2016 for about 2 weeks did a standard tour Teheran, Shiraz, Isfahan. Very busy with tourists from Europe. Agree with Leon's comments about interesting country, friendly locals, etc. The people aren't the government as we well know. Well worth a visit
    And it feels safe. I left about $2000 in the hotel safe in Shiraz and our guide arranged for me to get it at our next stop via his network of tour guides! All carefully counted by the hotel. At that time you did have to take cash with you due to sanctions on the banks.

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