Is sorry enough?

Nick D’Arcy and Kenrick Monk carrying on like a couple of nuff nuffs

Since when did firing and posing with guns become a good way to let off steam? What is the attraction of being in charge of and firing a weapon which could easily kill someone? And why, when there have been so many gun-related tragedies in the US, is it still possible to do so?

Ok, I know that Americans have ‘the right to bear arms’ written in to their constitution, but really, who needs to have a gun unless it’s in your line of work? Park rangers, cowboys, armed police and the armed forces all need to be able to fire a weapon for their own safety and that of others, surely no-one else needs to have access to such ‘weapons of mass destruction’.

In the US alone, in 2010 there were 31,513 deaths from firearms. Suicide accounted for 19,308 deaths, homicide 11,015 and accident 600. These figures don’t include people who were simply injured. Such incidents boost the figure by 200,000 or so.

While most of us don’t have this information readily to hand, you would have to have been living under a rock to be unaware of the loss of life to firearms. So, having seen the photos of swimmers Nick D'Arcy and Kenrick Monk posing with some rather imposing firearms, you would ask if this is where Nick D’Arcy and Kendrick Monk have been for the last few years? Certainly not. Mr D’Arcy has been battling for his chance to be included in the Australian swim team after being convicted of assaulting fellow swimmer Simon Cowley in 2008. And when ordered to pay Cowley damages, he conveniently filed for bankruptcy. Monk has also courted controversy when last year he claimed to have broken an elbow after a hit-and-run accident. It was later found that the injury occurred when he fell off his skateboard.

While neither Nick D’Arcy nor Kenrick Monk have broken the law, they have displayed a tremendous lack of tact and decorum by carrying on like a couple of nuff nuffs, excited by having their picture taken with some guns!

With the Olympics just around the corner, it is unlikely that any sanctions placed on D’Arcy and Monk will involve missing out on a trip to London. But with the eyes of the world watching, this is yet another unwanted embarrassment for the sport in Australia.

Should Nick D’Arcy and Kenrick Monk be stripped of their right to swim for Australia? Or is this just a media storm in a teacup?

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    8th Jun 2012
    i cannot even read this blog
    this nick guy is a thug.
    he has destroyed the life of another sport person..and who knows who else he has bullied or beaten up.
    being with guns is the next step for the guy.
    It is a sad thing that he is allowed to represent australia in anything.
    i hang my head in shame....
    8th Jun 2012
    A fine pair of role models to represent their country. Well done Swimming Australia, your decision has been vindicated. NOT.
    8th Jun 2012
    I agree totally with ozetwo and doclisa. No way should thugs like Dárcy, or his "trainee thug"sidekick Monk represent Australia. The fact that Dárcy got to go bankrupt rather than pay up what he owed in damages is beyond me. NO bankrupt can even have a passport - oh, unless it suits the officials I guess.

    Surely good character should be a huge part of representation of this wonderful country of ours, and why the heck should one bankrupt go overseas when the rest cannot. I tend to think a jail sentence may have been in order for the damage he did to another human being. At least that may have stopped the stupid behavior he inflicts on others for a while.

    As for guns, these two are the least likely candidates in my books to be allowed even close to guns anywhere, anytime!! I just wish they would grow up, shut up and start acting their ages, not their shoe sizes!
    8th Jun 2012
    Of course it's a media storm in a tea cup. They are not breaking the law, they are doing what many boys would do in the same situation. This is political correctness gone mad. It's a total media beat-up and it would be nice to see the media concentrate their efforts on real news.
    8th Jun 2012
    It is a storm in a tea cup, manufactured outrage and political correctness at its worst.

    Honestly, so what if they do one of those ridiculous 'Chopper' poses for their photo album and to impress their mates. The Chopper photo and Chopper himself were popularised by the media, whose attraction for him and sensationalisation of his wasted life was always rooted in getting a better circulation from voyeurs, many of whom are female. What is it with the attraction of bad boys and the pinnacle of the 'bad boy', criminals, for women?

    Many of the men who are now seniors are likely to have been members of the Army Cadet Corps when they were in secondary school. It was usual for Cadets to take what is now sensationalised as an "army assault rifle" on public transport and the .303 Lee Enfield was among the best assault rifles of WW2, the Germans though it was an automatic when patrol fire was employed. There were no hysterical Greens or gender feminists then of course and women smiled and lauded the young Cadets as fine young lads willing to take on public duty.

    It is politicians like the Greens Shoebridge and Lee Rhiannon who ride this and other bandwagons in lieu of coming up with worthwhile policy. Interestingly, they do not show a similar interest in collaring criminals and putting them in the slammer. Rhiannon herself is a colourful character to say the least, but then those who choose a surname out of the hat to escape a past often are.

    The OP asks why anyone should be allowed to partake in shooting sports. But then totalitarians would question why a citizen should be permitted to do anything they don't like. When the revolution comes, huh?
    8th Jun 2012
    Leave these two guys alone. Taking personal snapshots is none of our business, nor that of the committee.
    Publicity would do anything for a story, and I personally feel so glad that I will never be in your spotlight. How does anyone ever have a private life when you are around. I say Butt Out!!!! To Olympic officials, you too should not be so quick to judge (getting them home etc), when you do not know all the facts etc. This was their personal time and in no way affects other countries views of Australians, unless we make it so. It is none of our business!!!! It is their personal life and their decisions, and they have to live with their own actions etc. I say, "he is without sin cast the first stone!!!!"
    8th Jun 2012
    what's the big deal,,,i remember when my brothers were young,,,they use to love to play with guns,,,,they are just being boys,,,am sure they are not going to shoot anybody with them,,,i would worry more about the men that go out in hunting season,,,killing all out poor animals,,,there kids use guns,,i bet
    8th Jun 2012
    It was a silly, immature thing for two elite athletes to do when they are out on public display as representatives of their country. The mistake they made was to post the photos on Facebook - had they kept the photos to themselves, no one would have been aware of them. They should have behaved in a far more circumspect manner considering the problems they made for themselves in the past
    8th Jun 2012
    Addit: But I see no reason to strip them of their Olympic status - they have injured no one but themselves.
    8th Jun 2012
    Would still like to know how Dárcy can go overseas when no other bankrupt can get or keep a passport for the 3 years of bankruptcy.

    Surely our Australian elite athletes should be as answerable to the law as all over citizens/
    8th Jun 2012
    They didn't break the law,but with their background ,do they really need to be in the spotlight I agree with Reppie about bankruptcy ?????? I feel sorry for the guy Darcy hurt.
    yes they need to grow up.What a shame Darcy has so much potential as a swimmer some kids would jump at the opportunity to represent Australia.
    8th Jun 2012
    What a lot of rubbish. Surely there is better news than this. If you are offended don't look and its easy. Why work your self up into a frenzy when there are far worse things happening that you can get outraged about. Think about the debt that the US closely followed by the UK and other European countries are foisting on the rest of us.
    Think about the overseas"aid" which our Government is giving to terrorists and dictators to line there own pockets, when decent Aussies cannot get a hospital bed. Giving assylum seekers who are just crooks, free houses and every thing else, when old people are struggling.

    When you have righted these wrongs by all means worry about a couple of kids posing with guns.
    9th Jun 2012
    The gun shops in America are a novelty for Australian visitors and what man or boy wouldn't want to go in and have a look. These kids are just babies, let's hope they behave themselves as they represent our country in London,
    9th Jun 2012
    settle retroy, talk about getting offended! This is a forum for discussion on the subject of the Dárcy and Monk right now, not the international debt situation.

    By the way, we do have the right to be offended by thuggery, and people capable of badly hurting one human being with their fists, could surely ring alarm bells holding guns. As was said, these kids are young, and certainly one of them is off to a bad start. I do believe we have some great kids coming up in the ranks, Personally, I would kick Dárcy out fullstop, from any form of representation after his already proven actions.

    Sorry if this offends you, but it is how I feel!!
    12th Jun 2012
    I did not mention being offended so your apology is superfluous.
    If you took time to check the facts the other guy slapped Darcy first and then got a hiding.
    9th Jun 2012
    With all the hype on the media I thought Dárcy and Monk must have robbed a bank ?
    And no Dárcy and Monk are not kids - they are adults having some fun
    If they were in a Western film with guns would we still be carrying on like this ?
    Further shooting is an Olympic Sport. Perhaps that section should not be televised ?
    10th Jun 2012
    So the Great Australian Fetish in playing the "Get the Tall Poppy" game is on again. Not so long ago it was Matthew Newton, Lara Bingle and Tiger Woods. Why no outrage about politicians such as Peter Slipper and Craig Thomson and their mis-appropriation of funds and unsavoury sexual exploits as recently discussed by shock jocks and the "Hate Media"? Are the sportimg and entertainment personalties and their personal failings more worthy of being fair game than the deliberate and premeditated misbehaviour of the protected species of polticians?
    10th Jun 2012
    Geez, come on wscifers, seems to me these dumbass people who make the headlines for all the wrong reasons, need to have their behaviour monitored if they are to live among the rest of the people. This isnt about Bingle, Woods, or Newton or Slipper or ........ on the list goes. it is about the two lying troublemaking, or abusive elite athelets of our country, about to represent us all in London. Personally, I think not!! At least they are only staying for as long as it takes for their events now, that at least limits the time they can embarass us this time.
    11th Jun 2012
    I feel sorry for Crowley who was awarded $180,000 damages but with costs and interest, he's now owed around $380,000. D'Arcy made an offer to pay $25,000 which Crowley said was an insult. As a medical student, he had no way to pay so he filed for bankruptcy listing his father, a general Gold Coast surgeon, who funded his defence, and Crowley as creditors. This only made D'Arcy more unpopular because he was seen to get away with it and after three years, the debt is written off.

    If he has a successful swimming career after the Games, he will be required to make payments to his creditors when he reaches an after-tax income of $47,000.

    We'll have to wait and see if this kid can knuckle down and measure up.
    11th Jun 2012
    Thanks toot, this explained a lot I did not know. I too hope he does assume his responsibilities. Lesson being, if you cant do the time, or pay the fine, then don't do the crime eh? A hard lesson, but one a lot of kids have to learn the hard way growing up.

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