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When radio host Chrissie Swan innocently posed for photos with her children Leo, 3 and Kit, 9 months, she couldn’t have imagined the backlash she was to suffer via a tweet from a skinny, childless starlet.

Ashleigh Brewer, who stars in Neighbours, took it upon herself to criticise Chrissie Swan’s parenting skills via twitter when she saw a photo of the mum with her two children.

The tweet, was just one of many comments made by critics, but seems to have caused the most furore. Brewer tweeted “This (Swan’s pro-fat attitude) makes me furious … You (Swan) are responsible for getting your preschooler to the point of needing to go on a (diet).”

Perhaps realising the error of her youthful ways, Brewer has since deleted the original tweet and issued this apology, “I really admire Chrissie for going public with this and I hope that it makes other parents take action with their children’s nutrition.”

Swan has herself told fans she ignores such criticism,  “That ugliness doesn’t fit into my beautiful, busy, wonderful life full of fun and babies and mess and laughter.”

See the photo of Chrissie and her children, and read the full story at

Debbie thinks parents have enough to cope with bringing up children, without those who are ill informed making comment. Is she correct or does being in the public eye make you and your family fair game for criticism?

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    Chrissie has had lessons on nutrition as after all she was the face representing Weight Watchers albeit she did not do very well with watching what she put in her mouth and exercise, for very long but she could probably do with a bit more education re nutrition because she does seem to be setting not only herself but her children up to many not so good things associated with carrying a lot too much weight. Chrissie is quite intelligent so she should be able to see maybe changes need to take place re shopping and snacks for those lovely children and herself. Small steps Chrissie 🙂
    All the very best

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    Leave others alone until you know their full story, which really is none of our business. We all do our best and hope everything works out well. This type of criticism is very damaging and can cause far worse consequences.

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    why bother if you are fat or skinny,Its if your happy that count
    Everybody should look aftr theyr diet,as long are you healthy
    thats the main thing.IIts a bit complicated but happiness is the main thing.

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    Some people are born to be bigger than others and there are others that no matter what we eat we never gain weight, just like trees some are big some are small

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      So very true PlanB.My best friends family are all very skinny yet eat well and all my family -who also watch their weigh- seem to have a constant battle. I am sick of these people forever picking on those that are bigger.Maybe some of us are pine trees and some wonderful full Elms.

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    The silly comments of this girl is another reason I dont watch Neighbours!!!

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    After reading Chrissies column in the Sunday Age, it is obvious that her children are eating very healthy meals and snacks, ie fruit. But, as Chrissie is now aware, too much for a little fella, as she says, four bananas a day for a 3 yr old is too many, no matter if it is healthy fruit, She is a nurturing mother, trying her very best, but none of us are born knowing everything about everything, all we can do is learn, and do better, which she is doing. Leaver her alone, skinny childless teenagers who think they know everything are abhorrent.



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