Jetstar surcharges sky high

A petition on is calling for Jetstar to drop its credit-card surcharge.

Jetstar surcharges sky high

A Gold Coast resident is running a petition on calling for Jetstar to drop its “deceitful, rip-off” credit-card surcharge for booking online. The fee adds $8.50 one way, so $17 return, and is one of the most excessive out there at 2670 per cent above what it actually costs Jetstar to process a credit card.

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    23rd Aug 2014
    It always annoys me to have that 8.50 added at the end - even tho Im basically happy to travel Jetstar. Very sneaky!
    23rd Aug 2014
    In todays "Cashless Society" no Vendor should be allowed to charge Credit Card Fees including the greedy Banks who earn Obscene Profits!
    23rd Aug 2014
    Forget about the small credit card charge but concentrate more on the high cost of baggage. Jetstar works if you have a small carry on but try taking a suitcase.
    Polly Esther
    23rd Aug 2014
    Fly with Jetstar and be "taken for a ride"
    23rd Aug 2014
    "We take you down when we take you up," maybe.
    23rd Aug 2014
    I think it's time we all realised that somewhere, somehow using our 'cards' is going to cost us one way or another. I don't know of any bank which has really been customer friendly unless you are corporate; the mum and dad customers pay for day to day running of banks and credit card charges a the main contributor.
    23rd Aug 2014
    It is still cheaper than going through a travel agent. They don't get a kickback on bookings like they use to, so , Travelsure travel agency will charge you $33 for booking a domestic flight, and $68 for booking international. Now that is what you call a rip off. I always book through ZUJI, online, they DO NOT charge you a credit card fee for flight travel and hotel accommodation, also you don't pay the hotel upfront with them, you pay when you check out of the hotel if you use a debit card
    23rd Aug 2014
    Wow didn't realize it was $8.50 both ways,but one thing i just found out is that you can get free travel insurance with credit card purchase but it is very basic cover with high excess but when you getting bit old in the tooth it saves you a bit especially for long stays overseas
    23rd Aug 2014
    It is not just Jetstar charging these credit card fees. I avoid paying them by simply transferring the money directly into their bank account with NetBank. No fees. I do object to all the other add ons though. You start out booking what you think is a great deal then the add ons, baggage, choosing a seat, carbon tax. You have to review very carefully what you are paying for before doing so.
    23rd Aug 2014
    So what & does it really matter? Surely you take the personal matter and then review the total cost of the trip, including the add ons, to decide who gets the business? After all, does it matter if there is a $50 surchage for a carry on bag if the total cost is still the lowest? Simple.

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