Let’s talk about death, baby

Move over sex, the new topic on the menu is mortality, with death cafes here to stay.

Let’s talk about death, baby

As a new coffee shop seemingly springing up on every other corner, you’d be forgiven for not knowing about the world of death cafes.

With the aim of providing people with a place to go to talk about dying the Death Café movement first began in 2011. Since then more than 2000 pop-up cafes have appeared across the world and now London is poised for the first permanent Death Cafe.

One of life’s more taboo topics, death and dying is often not a welcome point of discussion, with most of us burying our heads in the sand and ignoring the inevitable. Not intended as bereavement support groups, rather than being morbid places, the aim of the Death Cafe movement is, according to founder Jon Underwood,  “to increase awareness of death with a view to helping people make the most of their (finite) lives”.

He goes on to explain that the point of Death Cafes is not to “shove death down people’s throats” and that they instead, “want to create an environment where talking about death is natural and comfortable.” A funeral advisor himself, Underwood is certain that Death Café London will be beneficial for society, adding that in his experience when people talk about death and dying, all their pretences disappear.

Running as a non-profit community benefit society, owned and managed by those who support it, Underwood will be offering shares in the permanent Death Cafe from next month.

What do you think of this concept? Would you welcome the idea of discussing death in an everyday environment such as a cafe?

Find out more at deathcafe.com


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    17th Oct 2015
    Unbelievable! Not dying to have a cuppa there.

    17th Oct 2015
    Oh, yes, a great place to sit down and have a cheery chat about meeting the Grim Reaper, but still a better,more sensible, and lengthy topic than the positives of IS ideology.
    17th Oct 2015
    Not a topic I can imagine people lingering over. Do they expect repeat customers?
    17th Oct 2015
    It's a place people are dieing to go to.
    17th Oct 2015
    Not an environment I would want to talk about it.
    As difficult as it is however, it is important to tell your loved ones, or person responsible for making decisions on your behalf....or do a prepaid funeral plan. Make yhour wishes known whether you want to be cremated(ashes stored or scattered), buried (and the location) or your body donated to medical research. Do you want to be kept alive on lifes upport or rescusitated at all? In Aust. there is now a new document (I think it is called a Medical Directive) thaqt you can state your wishes on. There are other older style of legal documents giving the person/s permission to make decisions.
    17th Oct 2015
    I can see I am in the minority here! I think this is a good idea!! I accepted my mortality a few decades ago, lodged the paperwork with the University to donate my body, provided it meets their criteria. Failing that a cheap and cheerful "pick up and deliver" cremation can be had for less than $2000. No fuss, no service etc. Rather I would like those loved ones left behind to use the money saved on a get together at the pub and have a drink and nibble "on me"!! Everyone who matters know what I want, some think I am "out there" in my approach/thinking, but I have forward planned for the inevitable so that I can enjoy what's left!! A Death Cafe would be a place of interesting (not ghoulish) conversations!
    17th Oct 2015
    A joint like this will elicit a lot of freaks, and the accompanying dangers. Don't kid yourself.
    18th Oct 2015
    Used the right way, this could be very useful and supportive to people going through health problems. A lot of people going to meet their maker before they are ready because of cancer are totally unprepared for it. Also family members need support too.
    If this provides that it will be usual. Also families already been there could provide usual support and helping hand.

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