And our Olympic flag bearer is ...

It’s now just less than a month until the 5 August opening ceremony of the 31st Olympic Games in Rio and Aussie cyclist, Anna Meares, was this morning announced as flag bearer.

Meares has represented her country at three Olympic Games for five medals –  Gold and Silver in London in 2012, Silver in Beijing in 2008 and Gold and Bronze in Athens in 2004.

Queen of the velodrome, South Australian Meares was yesterday given the nod that she would represent her country at her fourth games. This morning Kitty Chiller, Australia Chef de Mission for the Games announced that Anna, who is “the epitome of what the team represents,” would repeat her flag bearing duties of the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow at this year’s Games in Rio.

Although she said she had had some time to get used to the idea, Meares, a coal miners daughter, said she was “incredibly proud and incredibly humble” to be given the honour.

Flag bearer from the 2012 Games in London, basketballer Lauren Jackson, handed over the Australian flag to Meares who will take it to Rio.

Do you think Anna Meares is a good choice as flag bearer? Do you have an interest in the Olympic Games? If so, which sport do you enjoy watching the most?

Written by Debbie McTaggart