Banish spiders from the house

For most of us, spiders are unwanted house guests, but we aren’t all keen on whipping out the toxic bug bombs and going all ghostbusters on them. So for those of you who like to keep things natural and ‘nice’, here are our tips on how to banish spiders from your home.

According to expert home tips only five per cent of spiders actually enter the house from the outside. Not to scare you or anything … but that means they’re already bunking in with you. This means that the best way to keep them at bay is to disrupt their ‘lifestyle’.

  • No new eggs
    House spiders and their eggs often enter the home hidden in on new furniture, so make sure everything you bring in has been cleaned and wiped down.
  • No flies, no food
    If the spiders have nothing to eat, they’ll be forced to leave in pursuit of a snack. Flies and other insects often gather around food and light sources, so turning off outdoor lights, keeping the bins away from doors and windows, and minimising exposed or mouldy food in the house are good ways to cut off their lifeline.
  • Clean up
    Dusting, vacuuming and decluttering mean that spiders have fewer places to hide and it’s harder for them to build webs. A more attractive home for you is a less appealing one for them.


Scented solutions
It turns out spiders are particularly sensitive to certain smells, and the good news is that to us these smells are particularly alluring.

  • Peppermint
    Yum, peppermint … oh right, and spiders. Unlike us, spiders really hate that smell, so it’s a good way to deter them without actively killing them. A peppermint candle can work, but a cheaper option is to leave a used peppermint teabag out in the ‘conflict zone’ where you see most spiders. Alternatively, you can dilute 20 drops of peppermint oil with water in a spray bottle and target the corners and crannies you fear the most. 
  • Lavender
    Just seven drops of lavender essential oil and one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid mixed into a spray bottle of warm water can be sprayed around the house to deter spiders and make it smell lovely.
  • Cinnamon
    A simple cinnamon candle can set a homely ambiance for you and absolutely destroy theirs. Spiders hate that smell!

Other alternatives
Try these simple deterrents for a more full-on approach.

  • Vinegar
    Dilute white vinegar with water in a spray bottle and attack the corners, crevices and window and door frames. According to expert home tips, the vinegary smell will go away once it’s dried.
  • Citrus
    Citrus and spiders don’t go well together, so rubbing lemon peel over door cracks and window sills is a great way to turn them away
  • Cat
    We know it sounds extreme, but cats are born predators and love hunting down pesky unwanted houseguests. If you’re after a furry side-kick protector from spiders, then a cat might be the pur-fect match for you.

Are there any home solutions we’ve missed? Or do you think there’s an advantage to keeping spiders as guests in your home?

Written by Liv Gardiner


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