CHOICE calls for airline overhaul

Airlines behaving badly are firmly in the sights of consumer watchdog CHOICE, with its new report identifying systematic abuse of consumer law.

The CHOICE report, Fare Play? Terms and conditions in Australia’s Airline Industry, identifies systemic breaches of Australian Consumer Law by the domestic airlines. It also reveals that excessive cancellation fees, a lack of redress when flights are delayed and cancelled, and other unfair terms and conditions are the norm in the industry. 

“From repeatedly informing travellers they do not have a right to a refund to charging sky-high cancellation fees, our domestic airlines have been flying below the radar when it comes to consumer protection,” says CHOICE Director of Campaigns, Communications and Content Matt Levey.

CHOICE is calling for:  

  • airlines to immediately remove  ‘no refund’ signs from their online checkouts
  • airlines to immediately remove ‘no show’ clauses from their contracts
  • the ACCC to take action against any airline breaching Australian Consumer Law.

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Written by Debbie McTaggart