Distracted drivers are the 'biggest danger on our roads'

How to ensure you aren't a menace on the roads.

Motoring experts explains how to 'hear' what your car is telling you

Seven common noises to listen out for, and what they may indicate.

How to prevent your car looking prematurely old

How do you protect that precious and vulnerable finish?

The top five mistakes made by older drivers

A university study identified problem tasks, then tested older drivers to see if they learnt from

Reader enquiry: Can you access speed camera data?

Are speed cameras above the law?

Two common car questions answered

And other motoring advice.

Are you a good driver? Take this test to find out!

Think you're road savvy? This road skills test may prove otherwise ...

Should you spend extra money on premium fuel?

Paul Murrell tells whether spending those extra dollars is better for your car.

Can you challenge a speeding fine?

Can you blame your cruise control for your speeding fine?

Are our roadworks speed limits too low?

A UK survey has found that most motorists believe roadworks speed limits are too low. Are they?

Even good drivers make mistakes

Eleven common mistakes even good drivers make.

Why now is a good time to buy a car

Here's how to get the best deal for your next car.

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