How to clean your washing machine

Keeping your machine in peak condition not only helps your clothes come out spotless but it can also extend its lifespan. Here are the top tips from CHOICE on how to care for your washing machine.

Before each wash remove any objects from the pockets of clothing such as keys, coins or tissues. Some small items of clothing – such as those mysterious missing socks – can get caught in the joints of the machine and cause damage, so it’s best to place delicate items in laundry bags.

After each wash, wipe the inside and the outside of the rubber casket. This is the rubber seal at the front edge of the washing machine. You may notice that water and grime often get caught there after a wash. Also wipe down the inside door of the machine to remove grime.

Use a cloth to wipe the detergent dispenser to remove any leftover detergent. If your washing machine is fitted with a lint filter, clear it after every use.

Finally, leave the door of your washing machine ajar. This allows air into the machine to prevent the build-up of moisture.

Once a month, run an empty wash on a cleaning or a hot cycle with a small amount of detergent to clean the insides of the machine and remove mould. If your washing machine is prone to mould build-up, wash the seals and inside of your machine with hot soapy water.

If your machine moves around during a wash, check to see if it is balanced. You may have to make a wedge to place under a corner to keep it level.

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