10 fun facts about Queen Elizabeth II

10 things you may or may not know about this truly remarkable lady

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary was born by Caesarean section on 21 April 1926 at her maternal grandfather's house in London.

As a young child she had problems pronouncing her own name, leading to her nickname of Lilibet.

It was love at first sight when Queen Elizabeth II met her future husband at the tender age of 13. The two smitten teenagers got to know each other by exchanging letters.

The Queen has held a lifelong devotion to her corgis and has four at the moment, Linnet, Willow, Monty and Holly.

Although always immaculately dressed, the Queen is quite conservative in her fashion sense, however, she simply adores Hermes scarves.

She's an incredibly popular Queen and has received over three million pieces of correspondence, is patron of 620 charities and has had over 1.1 million people attend garden parties at Buckingham Palace.

Never far from a headline, it was revealed by an undercover tabloid journalist that the Queen used Tupperware to keep her cornflakes crisp!

Not wanting to be left behind by technology, the British monarchy has a website, Facebook page and Twitter account.

There have only been two years in her reign that she has not opened Parliament—1959 and 1963— and this  was because she was expecting Andrew and Edward respectively.

Even the Queen gets bored. When she's had enough she simply twirls her wedding band or switches her handbag to the other arm and someone comes to her rescue.


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    1st Jun 2012
    I was very privaliged to be spoken to by the Queen at Geelong Railway Station when she visited Australia in the 1950"s I was the bassdrummer in the Geelong City band that was at the station on her arrival I was about 14/15 and one of the smallest band members virtualy hidden by the drum she came to the band and asked me why the smallest band member was playing the biggest drum. I replied that I was the only silly one to volunteer.
    2nd Jun 2012
    O was about 12 or so when the queen first came to Australia in about `952 where we as school children of the local public school were lined up on what was then known as the mad mile just south of Sutherland, in New South Wales we stood in the heat and when the Queen appeared and we all waved & cheered I was overcome by excitement & almost fainted at the thought of her waving to us.
    6th Jun 2015
    I was on the Castel Verde in 1954 ( year the Queen visited Australia) in April
    her ship passed ours in the middle of the ocean and we were told by the Captain to stand on deck and wave madly when the ship passed one another, I strained to see her wave but alas it was not to be great memory though as it was the beginning of a new life for me ( I was 10 at the time)
    chin chin

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