Open the Door to Self

Mary Ryllis Clark was so taken by the words of the great 17th century Englishwoman, Mary Ward

Life after retirement

Adding a splash of humour to one of life’s tougher phases, Home for Lunch explores the

The king of country music

Singer, songwriter, poet and a pioneer in the environmental movement; in the mid seventies John

10 major events in 2011

Planning your year ahead can be the most effective way of getting things done. Here are ten

Elizabeth Blackburn

Born in Hobart, Tasmania, Dr Blackburn is the first Australian female to be awarded a Noble Prize,

Surf’s up

Don your wetsuit, grab your board and head for South Australia’s Southport beach this month

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Many subscribers contact us to say they enjoy our frequent updates on the things that matter. If

Food for thought

Looking for the hottest restaurant in your limited budget? Or perhaps a special occasion splurge

Ovation Channel is back!

Australia's Ovation Channel's programming embraces performance, drama, music, entertainment and

In like Flynn

Had he lived long enough, Errol Flynn would be celebrating his 100th birthday on 20 June, making

Activities for Seniors

The Activity Finder

How do I search for an activity? The YOURLifeChoices activity finder has been programmed specifically

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