Beyond the Green with Barrie Lester and Apia

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From the first green laid at Mr Lipscombe’s Beach Tavern at Sandy Bay in Tasmania way back in 1874, lawn bowls is now one of the biggest participation sports in Australia.

And its popularity increases each year.

Why not? It’s suitable for all ages and genders, fun to play and even more fun to watch. And it’s a sport to enjoy with a drink in hand or at a world-class level.

It promotes an active, healthy life and encourages movement. It’s accessible – in fact, every council area in Australia is legally bound to provide a lawn bowls green for the community.

And it’s this link to the community that represents an important Apia core value: helping Australians enjoy longer, happier and healthier lives as they move from ‘work stage’ to ‘life stage’ and the freedom to do the things they love – COVID pending, of course.

Barrie Lester is one of the most accomplished representatives of Bowls Australia. Since making his debut in 2006, he has notched up 195 international appearances, including multiple Commonwealth Games, the 2016 World Bowls Championships and the 2019 Asia Pacific Championships.

The 2016/17 Australian male bowler of the year will represent the Australian Jackaroos once again at the World Bowls Championships in 2021.

And Apia has partnered with Bowls Australia to encourage you to get set and perfect your lawn bowls skills – or to at least give it a try – with techniques and trade secrets that encourage living a healthier life.

This series of top tips takes you through all things lawn bowls, from warming up and training to a day in the life of a top class bowler.

But why wonder when you can watch these fun, informative videos and buff up your bowls skills or be inspired to get set and go bowling?

Why bowls?

Warm up like a Jackaroo

Train like a Jackaroo

Preparing for competition

The life of a full-time bowler

But wait, there are more great lawn bowls videos on the Beyond the Green with Barrie Lester page on the Apia Good Life website

Apia isn’t just about insurance. It’s a brand committed to exploring the possibilities and helping you set yourself up to make the most of your retirement and live life to the fullest.

Watch your inbox on Sunday for an exclusive interview with Barrie Lester, who raps with the YourLifeChoices podcast crew about bowls and why you should get out and give it a go.

Do you enjoy lawn bowls? What tips would you like from Barrie?

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Written by Leon Della Bosca

Leon Della Bosca is a voracious reader who loves words. You'll often find him spending time in galleries, writing, designing, painting, drawing, or photographing and documenting street art. He has a publishing and graphic design background and loves movies and music, but then, who doesn’t?



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    I tried lawn bowls before I retired, but it is not for me. Can be expensive too, especially if you launch a bowl on the wrong bias (which I was inclined to do), the penalty of that transgression was to ‘shout’ your opponents at the bar (a rule rigorously enforced). Still it can be fun for many and is bi-sexual (is that the correct term?).

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    Lawn Bowls is probably one of the cheaper sports to play. Your initial layout to purchase bowls can be as expensive or a cheap as you can afford. The beauty of lawn bowls is that if you have ever played a sport and have been injured or your bones have gotten a bit old but you still want to be active then this is the sport. So suitable for young and old alike. Apart from the passive exercise there is a social side to bowling that can’t be defined. It has saved many a soul from loneliness. Our wrong bias by the way Eddie costs 50 cents and it goes to charity. Give it a try.



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