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Many subscribers contact us to say they enjoy our frequent updates on the things that matter. If you also like our content please vote for us in the OPSO awards – we would love your support.

Older People Speak Out (OPSO) is asking for positive coverage of ageing. We would love to be considered for such as award, so if you enjoy our work please say so by nominating us in the People’s Choice Award of the 2009 OPSO National Media Awards for excellence in the coverage of positive aging in the over 60s. The submission form is downloadable here and we hope you will be happy to nominate the YOURLifeChoices website and Enewsletter in the newspaper article section as there does not appear to be a digital category! So many seniors are now online it is only a matter of time, we believe, before such a category will be created. Meanwhile we thank you for considering this request.

Entries close October 12, 2009.