Five affordable ways to spoil Mum

For 365 days of the year, mothers give us everything we need, take care of us and worry about us. Mother’s Day is the one special day a year when we make the extra effort to return the favour by expecting her to do nothing except put her feet up and be spoiled.

But, let’s face it, with the current financial climate, it is becoming harder and harder to afford to buy lavish gifts for every occasion on the calendar; lasting memorable gifts are best left for birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas. So, herein lies the quandary; how do you spoil Mum without spoiling your monthly budget?

With the credit crunch in mind, YOURLifeChoices has put together a list of five affordable ways to spoil Mum this Mother’s Day.

1. Breakfast in bed

Sure it may be a little antiquated and clichéd, but there can be nothing better than waking up to a cooked breakfast. Many of us know this, as our mothers completed this thankless task for us for a large part of our lives. If Mum were to wake up to a meticulously prepared bevy of her favourite foods, garnished with a single rose, it is sure to be appreciated.

2. Flowers

Some may groan and say that flowers are the easy way out on Mother’s Day and not to waste money buying a bouquet. For a lasting floral gift, buy flowers in pots and, while an ally prepares breakfast in bed, plant them in Mum’s garden, ensuring she will have some colour to enjoy throughout winter. Ask a specialist at your nursery which flowers will thrive in your area.

3. Get the whole family together

Nothing would delight Mum more than to see the whole family together on Mother’s Day. Organise a venue for dinner or lunch, bulk-buy ingredients to save money and share the costs. But, most importantly, make sure everyone makes the time about Mum.

4. Get busy

Get the kids or the grandchildren to make her something by hand, such as a special memento and something relevant to her hobbies or interests. If she knows that people care enough to go to that much effort for her, it can mean 10 times more than roses or chocolate.

5. Time

As we grow older and our lives become separate, it can be difficult to retain the connection that you once had with your parents. Whilst some mothers may be enjoying the separation from their children and living it up in their twilight years, it doesn’t mean that they don’t yearn for the company of their children. Put together a well-planned, long day full of family fun, where you, your family and Mum can go for a walk on the beach, catch a movie and then perhaps go to a restaurant, or have a home-cooked meal. Devoting a whole day out of your busy schedule to your mother will make her feel like the richest woman in the world.