Five free, fun Father’s Day pressies

Fathers are notoriously difficult to buy presents for, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bother treating them to something special. We have five fun ideas for your dad, or that special man in your life, which won’t cost a cent.

Pop’s playlist
Whether it’s the tunes of Louis Armstrong or the rousing of a brass band which gets your dad’s toes tapping, why not put together his own special playlist and download it onto his iPod or create a CD just for him?

Brand new BBQ
Don’t rush out and buy a new BBQ when he most likely has a perfectly good, if a little dirty, one on the back deck. Don your rubber gloves, get out your cleaning products and make it sparkle. Once done, why not get it dirty again and cook him a delicious BBQ lunch?

Movie moments
Time spent with your father is precious and it seems a waste to sit in front of a television and say nothing. But allowing your dad to share his favourite movie memories with you is not a waste of time.

Cheer on a community sport
If your dad has lived in the same area for a while, there’s a good chance he may have an affiliation with a local sporting team. Why not grab a picnic and take him along to cheer on the home team?

Write a letter
Not an email, or a note in a card, but an actual letter. Tell him how much you appreciate him, laugh about the fun times you’ve shared and maybe pass on a little secret of your own that he may not know. This is something he will treasure forever.

Do you have your own idea for a fun, free gift? Or have you received something extra-special which cost nothing but was priceless?

Written by Debbie McTaggart