Last-minute Father's Day Gifts

Whether it’s for your dad or your kids have forgotten the big day is closing in, YOURLifeChoices suggests five items and experiences which dad will love this Sunday.

The magazine for men
ManSpace Magazine is a celebration of what men get up to in their spare time. From collections and hobbies, through to exotic sheds, glorious garages and man caves. ManSpace Magazine is the only magazine which taps into the personal stories and passions which make men tick; as well as providing tips and advice on how to make better use of their ‘space’.

Price: $19.95 for 4 Issues

To purchase ManSpace Magazine, visit

The adrenaline experience for every man
Ride in the front seat of a V8 Australia race car for four awesome racing laps! A professional driver will drive you around like there’s no tomorrow. Tear through corners, overtake others and speed down the home straight. This isn’t just any race car drive, this is a full throttle thrill.

Price: $149

Available in NSW, WA, VIC, NT& SA
For more information and to purchase an experience voucher, visit

The gadget every man needs
More than just a jump-starter, the WallCann 8 in 1 Power Anywhere Station is a money-saving green energy solar charger, inbuilt battery, USB power outlet, 200W inverter for using regular household appliance power on the go, air compressor, removable light with magnetic emergency warning flasher. Tough black rubber padded handle and rubber buffered impact absorbing edges protect against common accidental bumps and knocks.

Price: $75.00 + delivery

To purchase the WallCann 8 in 1 Power Station, visit

The course for every man
Everyman claims to be the king of the BBQ, but it is not just about cooking a good snag and steak. A Beer and BBQ cooking class can teach Dad how to combine the perfect beer with a great cooked meal for any dinner occasion.

Price: $120
Available in NSW, VIC & QLD
For more information and to purchase a experience voucher, visit

The gift of charity
Not every man wants to receive a shiny new watch, a magazine subscription or even a V8 hot lap, some are very satisfied in knowing their sacrifice of a gift has provided food for someone less fortunate in another country.

With eight different appeals to choose from, Oxfam is a very good choice when donating money to a good cause. Dad will appreciate the gift of giving this fathers day and best of all, donations are tax-deductible.

For more information and to donate, visit

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