Money saving energy tips

Household bills are set to rise with the introduction of the government’s carbon tax. Simple steps taken around the home will not only help the environment, but may also save a few dollars.

Carbon emissions, wasting energy and using water unnecessarily all have a negative impact on the environment. Simple energy and water saving initiatives can save money, time and make our world a better place to live.

Save energy
· In winter, aim to heat your house between 18 and 20 degrees, while in summer aim for 26 degrees
· Switching appliances off at the wall can drop your energy use by up to 10 percent a year
· Switch to energy saving light globes which last 4 to 10 times longer and use much less energy than regular light globes
· Turn the light off when you leave a room
· Washing your clothes in cold water when applicable instead of hot water can save a lot of energy and money in the long run

For more information on saving energy or to calculate how much energy you can save, visit Save Energy.

Save water at home
Households use roughly 70 percent of the water Australia wide, with two thirds of this being used indoors. While the nation’s dams may not be short of water, simple water-saving measures should still be carried out.

· Take shorter showers
· Install a water saving showerhead
· Before putting the washing on, make sure the load is full, as every load takes 17 buckets of water
· Put a plug in the sink rather than running the water when shaving
· Wash your vegetables in a plugged sink
· Use the half flush on your toilet more frequently as this saves up to four buckets of water

Save water in your garden
· Wash your car on your lawn so that the grass soaks up the water. Car shampoos are similar to fertilizers as they use phosphates, so this is advantageous to your lawn.
· Adding water crystals to soil thereby enhancing water retention by up to 40 percent
· Before purchasing plants, do your research and only buy plants which are compatible with the climate and soil in your area

For more information on saving water, visit Save Water.

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