The Activity Finder

How do I search for an activity?

The YOURLifeChoices activity finder has been programmed specifically to search for postcodes and for certain words, or even a combination of both. For example if you live in Glen Iris, Victoria, your postcode would be 3146. So you enter 3146 into the activity finder and it will show any related searches in your area. If you cannot find something in your area that you like, type in a specific word for example flower. This will show you all activities Australia wide related to that word!

Visit our activity finder page now!

How do I add an activity?

On the activity finder page, you can click on the “Add your own activity here link” or simply click here now.

*Please note when you are adding an activity that if you do not fill in all the required areas, that it will not submit, so if there is no details for that area, put in a dash.*