Book Reviews

Books guaranteed to make you cry

Every now and then, there's nothing better than having a good cry.

10 must-read Australian novels to look out for

Flick off the TV, dial down the social media and reach for one of these new books.

Our picks from the Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction longlist

Whoever said the past was set in stone.

Dazzling debut novels from fresh new writers

Itching to get your hands on some novels from fresh talent?

Rescuing Australia's lost literary treasures

A new project is digitising some of Australia's most culturally important lost books.

Six great books for Father’s Day – or any time

When you're stuck for a gift, a book is often the perfect solution.

Big books you finally have time to read

If you find they're not for you, at least you'll have a nice doorstop.

Classic novels you always meant to read

But if you didn't, it's time that you did

10 absorbing books to while away the hours

Need a good read in lockdown? Writer Hannah Stephenson rounds up some of the best.

When Mum died

A fly-on-the-wall moment from everyday life.

‘Positivity is the path to ageing successfully’

Positive ageing expert reveals the simple secrets to a happy life.

The books you should be reading over summer

If you love books, there is no better gift to receive on Christmas day than a pile of new titles.

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