How to get ahead by taking a step to the side

Most women who have achieved success in their careers have not done so by following the direct pathway up the corporate ladder, as is the case with their male counterparts.  In her new book ‘Sideways to the top: 10 stories of successful women that will change your thinking about careers forever’ author Norah Breekveldt talks with 10 inspiring women who took the opportunities presented  to them and went about things differently. By taking some sidesteps along the way have made the move upwards towards success.

Divided into three sections, covering the history of and latest research into women’s careers, 10 inspiring stories from successful women such as the founder of Boost Juice, Janine Allis and Theresa Gattung the former CEO of Telecom NZ, through to the current issues facing women in their careers.

Sideways to the top is a thought-provoking book that will start many conversations on the questions that are continually asked about whether women can be successful in their chosen careers. Is there really a glass ceiling? Do women lead differently to men? Are women more nurturing?  With advice from experts in career transitions and gender differences, Sideways to the top also features practical checklist and action plan aimed at assisting women to achieve success in their careers.


Sideways to the top: 10 stories of successful women that will change your thinking about careers forever by Norah Breekveldt

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