John Grisham’s latest blockbuster

The Litigators is a highly entertaining, character-driven look at the world of Finley & Figg, a two-bit law firm located in a dodgy part of Chicago. Senior Partner, Oscar Finley, is an ex-street cop turned street lawyer and the Junior Partner, Wally Figg, is an ambulance chaser and hustler with a weakness for women and grog.

Describing itself, extremely generously, as a boutique law firm, Finley & Figg’s bread and butter cases are injury claims, quickie divorces and DUIs but even these they manage to stuff up and so have suffered years of low income and long lines of angry clients. Whilst Wally dreams of finding life-changing litigation cases worth millions, the world-weary Oscar just wants to be left in peace to get on with a life which is already made miserable enough by his wife, without adding in Wally’s shenanigans. Rochelle, their long-suffering office manager, tries her best to keep them in line.

Into this mess staggers David Zinc, a somewhat tired and emotional Harvard Law School graduate, who has chosen that very day to flee Chicago’s leading law firm and has somehow ended up in a taxi at their door, wooed by Finley & Figg’s colourful advertising.

We have all had jobs from hell, and the description of the day that David makes the decision to leave is highly amusing, like much of this book, and will resonate with many readers. His growth and gradual understanding of how Finley & Figg operate, and the things in life which really matter to him, as well as Grisham’s insights into the world of litigation, make for enthralling reading.

The Litigators is John Grisham’s latest novel. It’s a little lighter than some of his previous works but the honesty and wit the reader encounters in the book have ensured its bestseller status.

An entertaining romp through the sometimes seedy world of litigation which will make you laugh – and think!

John Grisham
Hodder & Stoughton
RRP: $39.95

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