No laughing matter

As the general practioner for 30 years, several of them spent as club doctor at a leading AFL club, Dr Bernie Cribbins is well placed to advise on men’s health, especially given that his footballer brother, Peter, died from testicular cancer in 1976.

Understanding that men find it difficult to open up about health issues and concerns, Bloke’s Health takes a very serious subject and inject just the right level of humour to ensure the message gets across. The plain speaking language makes the information easy to understand and the funny illustrations make for pleasant reading.

Dr Bernie Crimmins aim is to highlight the areas of health and wellbeing which men often take for granted. By encouraging men to open up and seek advice from their doctor, he aim is to ensure men live longer and healthier by dealing with illnesses and issues which are treatable.

Keep the man in your life healthy.

Dr Bernie Crimmins
Wilkinson Publishing
RRP: $9.95

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