The Changi Brownlow – Roland Perry

A group of Australian POWs creates an AFL league complete with tribunal, premiership and Brownlow Medal to raise morale in the most hopeless of situations, in a testament to human spirit.

Roland Perry has written a simple but highly moving account of the POW experience through the prism of a national sport. Author of more than 20 other books on Australian history, people and sport, Perry follows the tale of Peter Chitty, a farm hand and one of seven in his family to enlist and serve during World War Two. The action takes place in Changi Prison where 15,000 Australian POWs are incarcerated. To keep spirits up, a group of inmates create a mini Australian football League, with tribunal, selection pane umpire and coaches. In the final, Victoria plays the ‘Rest of Australia’. More than 12,000 spectators, watched by Japanese Guards, attended the game and cheered on the winner of the Changi Brownlow. This is an entirely inspiring and enthralling read and will make a great gift for fans of the oval ball game. Take a bow, Mr. Perry.

Hachette Australia

RRP $35.00

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