The Moaning of Life

If you’re a fan of the series An Idiot Abroad, Karl Pilkington’s new book The Moaning of Life – The worldly wisdom of Karl Pilkington will have you in tears of laughter.

Following the same format as his An Idiot Abroad series, Karl travels the world to find out how other cultures tackle life’s big issues such as marriage, kids, work, money, happiness and death. He shares his exploits and opinions with his matchless deadpan humour.

For a man who has never been married, doesn’t have (or want) children, and is known for his job as an idiot, he certainly has an hilarious take on the subjects. While not totally against marriage, he just can’t see why there needs to be such a fuss. The drive thru wedding service he visits in Las Vegas appeals – minimum fuss. Arranged marriages – not such a bad idea he thinks after visiting India. They can be likened to a set menu in a restaurant – you don’t have a choice about what you eat, but you end up liking it.

Kids – a bit like farts, they don’t seem to bother the owner as much as they bother everyone else and they’re straight on the phone to the kids helpline if they’re so much as asked to put the kettle on.

And he’s right when he says we can’t all be geniuses, because then who would do the jobs the geniuses don’t want to do? Karl’s views may not always be politically correct, but they are funny (and generally what we are all quietly thinking). A top read this summer.

The Moaning of Life

Karl Pilkington

Allen & Unwin

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Written by Andrea