The rise of collaboration

Since hearing Rachel Botsman speak at the Superratings Day of Confrontation in 2013, her take on collaborative consumption and the switch in institutional trust has peaked my interest. But what is collaborative consumption?

Do Ebay, Craiglist, AirBnB ring any bells? Well these are all examples of established forms of collaborative consumption, groups which facilitate the purchase or provision of goods and services from individuals, the trust in which is derived from reputation built within that community.  And there are so many more of which you may not have heard; Zopa – peer-to-peer lending, Freecycle – circulating free goods to be recycled by use of others and Zipcar – a car-sharing service. Collaborative consumption has bucked the trend on traditional consumerism, growing rapidly after the financial crisis in 2008. This has been attributed to the switch in institutional trust – big banks and large organisations, to community trust – where the reputation is currency.

In What’s Mine is Yours, Rachel Botsman and Roo Rodgers look at the switch in how we now transact with one and other in a truly free marketplace, where supply and price is determined by demand. From microentreprenuers to those now running mutli-million dollar businesses, Rachel and Boo look at how critical mass, idling capacity, belief in commons and trust in strangers have lead to these communities thriving. 

What’s Mine is Yours, Rachel Botsman and Roo Rodgers

Published by Harper Collins

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Written by Debbie McTaggart