The Wiley Trading Guide

For those hoping to take control of their finances by doing their own share trading, the Wiley Trading Guide gathers the expertise of key experts in this field. Aimed at intermediate to experienced traders, it covers a range of topics of interest and relevance, including:

·t Creating a trading plan and devising a strategy to suit your goals

·t Combining analysis methods

·t Taking control of your mind set and adapting your trading techniques to the forex and futures markets

The start of the book has a large section devoted to a biography on each author which is helpful if you find the author interesting and want more information on their background, books and websites etc.

Contributing authors to The Wiley Trading Guide include Louise Bedford, Jim Berg, Kel Butcher, Davin Clarke, Daryl Guppy, Alan Hull, Glen Larson, Wayne McDonald, Stuart McPhee, Justine Pollard, Peter Pontikis, Tom Scollon, Harry Stanton, Gary Stone, Chris Tate and Leon Wilson.

This is the type of book that you can pick up to read a particular chapter without committing yourself to hours of reading. For example, I find articles on the psychology of share trading interesting, so the chapters by Dr Harry Stanton and Glen Larson were relevant for me.

Some of the information presented by the authors is very technical and assumes a well-developed understanding of technical analysis (e.g. security analysis discipline for forecasting the direction of prices through the study of past market data). If this does not interest you then just move on to another author you find more interesting and easy to understand.

I would recommend the book to share traders who want to gain a quick overview of the authors’ training methods and how/where to gain more information on their background and books, websites etc.

Not for novices

Publisher: John Wiley

RRP $49.95

Reviewed by Ken Richards