Did Jan cash in when she found a wad of money?

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Jan was crossing a city street last week when she saw a thick envelope lying on the road. She picked it up, crossed to the footbath, looked inside and saw it was packed with cash.

Without considering the alternative, she took it straight to the nearest police station and handed it in. They counted it and told her it contained several thousand dollars.

“I was telling this story to my husband and he told me he did a similar thing years ago in New York.

“He found a wallet with several hundred dollars in cash and several credit cards. He took it back to where he was staying with an American couple and they argued for an hour about whether to keep the cash and return the rest, or return it all.

“He was a cash-strapped young tourist, so the temptation to keep it was strong. The husband said he should keep the money but the wife said he should return it all.

“In the end, he returned it all. The bloke gave him no reward, just bought him a beer, shook his hand and left him to drink the beer by himself.

“We then discussed whether the amount of cash involved influenced our decisions and whether we had an amount we’d keep. I said $20, no more; he said $100.

“I’d be interested to know what your readers think.”


Henry has an old dog that he walks most mornings. The dog is so old, he’s now worried about it dying on a walk.

“I’m not sure what I’d do if he died on his morning walk, especially as I don’t have a car most days.

“I was telling my wife and she said I’d have to leave him and go home and get the wheelbarrow.

“That would be distressing for anybody who walked past.

“Then this morning, I was talking to my elderly neighbour. He said dogs rarely die on their walk. He said they die at home: ‘And you’ll know because that will be the day he doesn’t want to go for his walk.’

“Is this the experience of others?”


Ted has just returned home after a stint in hospital.

“I haven’t been in a hospital since I was lad, about 65 years ago.

“The biggest difference is that they no longer have the lady who used to come around with her trolley selling things, even cigarettes.”

In a similar vein, Anne has just been to the dentist.

“That’s an experience that has really changed for the better.

“Needles used to be so painful. And my dentist used to operate his drill with a foot treadle.”


We recently mentioned how, in the early days of passenger flights, people on the plane would clap when it landed safely.

Well, Enid says it happened to her recently on a flight to New Zealand.

“We were coming into Queenstown and it was very windy. On the first approach, the pilot pulled out and the plane climbed sharply.

“The pilot announced on the PA that he would give it one more try. If it failed, we’d have to fly to Dunedin and catch a bus back.

“He got it down with a thud and everybody clapped. I’m not sure if it was because we were alive or because we didn’t have to bus it back from Dunedin.”


What’s the worst thing you’ve seen in a supermarket?

We’ve heard of people putting their finger in a peanut butter jar to sample it, people replacing small eggs in the carton with large ones, and someone throwing an expensive vine-ripened tomato into her bag of cheap ones.

Now Penny tells us she saw a man help himself to a handful of nuts from the nut dispenser, then walk off eating them.

“And I happened to see him return and do it again.

“I reported him to the shop assistant, but he didn’t seem to care.”

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Written by Perko


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  1. 0

    I literally watched this woman swap cage for free range eggs!! Told girls at check out, not that fussed … feel sorry for the person thinking they’re getting free when they will be caged. I take mine from the back now.

  2. 0

    Walking in an area where there are a few night clubs I find quite a few mobile phones, wallets with cash and credit cards. Normally hand them in a the appropriate bank where they find the owner. Should there be an address or phone number I contact the person direct, if possible from his own phone (that’s my boyfriend’s phone you are ringing from, how come? He’s asleep right here).
    Of course never found a stash of cash like that. Would give it back now since I do not need any which was not always the case!!

    • 0

      With a mobile phone unless the details have been deleted you can check for the last number that has been called from that phone. I dropped mine once and the staff at the company I dropped it rang the last person I had rung less than an hour before.

  3. 0

    My neighbour down the road used to walk every day with his 2 dogs, it got to be one and now he walks alone so I guess his 2 companions became 2 old and infirm to walk with him anymore so he decided to go it alone. My Facebook friend used to walk his old Blue Heeler also every day until it became too much for the old Bluie to handle, I have never heard of any dogs dying while out walking, I think it would be a very rare occasion if one did.

    • 0

      A dog may die from bloating if it is taken for a walk too soon after being fed.
      A friend of ours had an elderly dog that had severe arthritis. The length of walks were reduced until the owner realised the dog no longer enjoyed them so stopped them completely. The dog was being treated by a good vet who told them they would know when the dog had had enough of life. The morning they decided it was best for the dog to be “put to sleep” she wouldn’t go near her owner – not even for her favourite tit-bits.It was heart breaking but it was cruel to let her suffer any longer.

  4. 0

    You never keep the money. If you did not earn it, it is not yours. Whether it is returned to a needy person or a millionaire is immaterial because it never belonged to you anyway. Reward or no reward, again not relevant, because the money does not belong to you.
    An overpaid person returned money to a bank teller many years ago who had made the mistake. This particular bank teller was renowned for his lack of customer service and civility but the returning of that money which saved his job transformed him into a somewhat more likeable teller. So you never know the impact of giving back the money that was never yours to have has!

    • 0

      Wish people would apply the same principle to welfare and taxes
      Always wanting more of what they didn’t earn taking from someone else
      Hypocrite much ?

    • 0

      How do you know that the people who are on welfare haven’t worked and paid their taxes at some stage in their life?, and some of them for 50 + years, and through no fault of their own resort to welfare?.

    • 0

      I don’t begrudge anyone on welfare who has fallen on hard times
      It’s the ones who expect more than basic living and those who want to take other peoples hard earned money through higher taxes who im referring to
      Stealing is stealing even if it’s sanctioned by labor policies

  5. 0

    I once found a wallet with cash, licence, credit cards etc. It was’t too far away so i decided to take it to the house. Turned out to be a very expensive area. Anyhow I knocked on the door, a lady answered, I handed her the wallet, which she said belonged to her husband. She then proceeded to give me the third degree about where and when I found it. She said it was impossible for her husband to have lost it in that particular area. I said well everything is in there and intact. She asked for my name and phone number. I think her husband probably got in a bit of trouble when he got home, and I never got any thanks. He probably wished I kept the wallet and my mouth shut. Still smile when i think about it.

  6. 0

    I agree. You never keep stacks of cash that do not belong to you. Return the cash to a police station for safe keeping. The person who dropped the cash could be a pensioner who too the money out to pay bills for a holiday. The rewards should be in the knowledge that you have returned the money to the rightful owner, I did return a wallet once tot a young mother who dropped her ourse,

  7. 0

    Maybe it’s because I am short and closer to the ground or just more observant, but I have found quite a few purses, wallets and notes over the years. Fortunately the purses and wallets contained enough information for me to be able to return them to their rightful owners without too much difficulty. The single notes I found on the ground or floating in the breeze, who knows who they belonged to, so I kept them as I also have lost the odd one myself in the past. One of the purses I found, which contained a reasonable amount of money, belonged to a young girl who had just returned from overseas and was short of cash so she was so grateful to have it back she sent me a beautiful bunch of flowers which were lovely to have as I was raising young children at the time and could not afford such things.

  8. 0

    Already did that – a Chinese food delivery guy dropped an envelope of money outside the restaurant in a dark loading bay …. me, the wandering security delivery guy, found it and tracked the owner of the shop. He gave me a bonus.

    For my detractors, and thee are some, that’s the kind of person I am.

  9. 0

    If yo do take money or a wallet to a Police Station, count the money in front of the police officer and get a receipt or some form of written proof of what you have handed in. Unfortunately not all police officers are honest.

  10. 0

    I believe there should be a legal way of marking a driver’s license on the front of it to indicate that you have to check the back of it if there is a change of address. I found one that had been thrown over our fence. I looked on the back to see if it had a change of address on it Not everybody would think about doing that.

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