Go Back to Where You Came From

Rachel has been pleasantly surprised by Go Back to Where You Came From

After the success of the first season of Go Back to Where You Came From, in which six ordinary Australians walked in the shoes of asylum seekers, I was pretty sceptical about a second season which uses celebrities. I have been proven wrong. The second season, which has aired over the last three nights, was just as insightful as the first. It was also, in some ways, more moving, as the opinions of the six celebrities were so well-known before they started their journeys. Watching some of them change their minds was quite extraordinary.

You can watch Go Back to Where You Came From at the SBS website, or you can pre-order the DVD to watch at your leisure.  


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    1st Sep 2012
    seeing those people meeting the actual people is quite interesting & also sensational tv watching but in my opinion the real reason for this planets poor & warring people is that there
    are too many humans on this planet & poor education so as long as the human species multiplies
    too much & the earth' resources get sparcer & sparcer there will bo wars & famine

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