How to make Christmas gifts from scratch

You might have made the list and checked it twice, but Christmas shopping doesn’t always go to plan.

Buying presents can feel overwhelming, even without potential pandemic-related delays and everything else going on right now. Luckily, there’s a solution – homemade presents. Your friends and family will love the thought and effort that’s gone into making something yourself, plus it can save you a bit of money along the way.

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Bakeware, Kilner jar and sewing box to hand? It’s time to get crafty…

1. Whip up a gingerbread cake

One of the sweetest things about making a gingerbread cake is you can present it in the loaf tin, dressed up with a strip of baking paper, a little tinsel and a sprig of holly for some rustic charm.

Why not try this easy recipe from Only Crumbs Remain?

2. Make your own blackberry gin

Pick up some berries from the supermarket (try frozen ones – they’re cheaper) and infuse some gin for your great aunt to enjoy in the new year. It only takes two cups of plump, juicy blackberries, a bottle of gin (nothing fancy) and half a cup of white sugar left to steep for around a week. Strain and pour into a jar, before decorating with festive ribbon.

3. Bake gooey chocolate chip cookies

Cookies are delicious, irresistible and can be made with minimal fuss. You can add in any extras you know the recipient will love and you can package them up nicely too.

Our recipe for salted caramel cookies is perfect.

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4. Make tie dye T-shirts for teens

Who would have thought tie dye would be one of the biggest fashion trends of 2021? Tie dyed T-shirts will fill you with nostalgia, and delight any teenagers in the family. Experiment by upcycling old items in your wardrobe (100 per cent cotton works best) – the end result will be one of a kind.

5. Create jazzy DIY ornaments

We love the idea of making tree decorations from scratch, especially as you can have so much fun with coloured buttons, wool and cotton reels. There’s so much you can do, whether it’s making pom pom Christmas characters inspired by the blog Lovely Indeed, or festive shapes made using colourful yarn – as suggested by One Little Project. Your family and friends will appreciate the craftsmanship.

6. Make gift-worthy face masks

You can never have too many face masks, can you? You can make lovely reusable face coverings out of a dress destined for the charity shop – it won’t qualify as proper PPE, but if it covers your nose and mouth snugly it will suit a trip to the shops.

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7. Make a paper cash envelope


All you need is some pretty printed paper, scissors and clear sticky tape to pull this off. Using a template such as this one from My Frugal Home, fold the paper into an envelope; the trick is to not seal it entirely, so the cash can peep out one end.

Do you make Christmas gifts for your loved ones? Do you enjoy receiving homemade gifts? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Written by Sam Wylie-Harris