Dame Helen defends Phil Spector

The great thing about being stuck on an aeroplane for several hours is the luxury of catching up with the movies you’ve missed. For me, this was Helen Mirren in Phil Spector.

Phil Spector is one of the music business’s most colourful characters and despite being an unbelievably successful producer, people have never quite been sure about Spector the man. Many rumours circulated about his strange behaviour and uncontrolled rage before the fateful night when actress Lara Clarkson was shot at his gated mansion. Al Pacino as Spector was obviously the big drawcard in this made-for-television movie, but Dame Helen Mirren steals the show as defender Linda Kenney Baden.

Giving up her much needed holiday to defend Spector, Linda Kenney Baden was actually suffering from pneumonia during the first trial and this stopped her from being able to act on his behalf in his subsequent time before a jury.

The movie, directed by David Mamet, has caused outrage for it’s inference that Spector’s conviction may not be safe and that the events of the night Lara Clarkson lost her life were unclear. What is certain is that Spector, now 73 years of age, remains in a California prison and is still dividing the nation on whether he’s a freak or a genius.